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Mother’s Day

Which was yesterday. I hope you all had a most wonderful day.

It’s become a tradition that we visit the flea-, junk market at Espoo Car Museum on Mother’s Day.Southern-styled banana pudding 20190512_104807_HDRC

For afternoon coffee I made a southern-styled banana pudding. I almost burnt it. Got it out the oven just the last minute.

Old Cars

A week ago, last Thursday, before we went to take photos of the murals we visited the automobile and road museum Mobilia in Kangasala. It had been on our bucket list already for years. We once, about 20 years ago, went there just to fin out it was closed. There was many cars, all kind of cars. I liked the rally cars from the 60’s and 70’s. Cars like Cortina, Escort, Mini and Volkswagen 1500. It was interesting and nostalgic to see and read about both the cars and the drivers. I was pretty interested in rally back then but not so much anymore. Now I’m a huge Formula 1 fan. It is an about 150 km drive from where we live. In the morning the fog was very thick. When we were ready to drive back at about 2 pm, via Hämeenlinna, the fog still was thick, almost like milk. Luckily just some 10 minutes before Hämeenlinna it disappeared.