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The Viewpoint & Old Borgå

After the art exhibition on Friday I wanted to go up to the viewpoint. My husband shook his head and said, no, no you go. I said it’s nice from up there. Why not come. We’ll make it step by step and if you find it too hard, turn back. We both made it all the way up 😀 After all that climbing 😉 we needed something to eat. We took a coffee break. After that I said let’s go up the hill to the church. This time I wasn’t able to talk him over. He went on his own and I climbed the hill. I was happy he didn’t go with me because it was pretty hard to walk the cobble hill and all the narrow alleyways and streets. It was a gorgeous day. Sunshine, blue skies, still about 25-26 degrees Celsius. As always I took way too many photos. But, after all, it’s my childhood home town which I love ❤