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Quismo’s Birthday !

Quismo our Bengal cat
Happy birthday dear Quismo ! 12 years today !Cat wand toy and catnip dropsHave fun with your birthday present.Our cats Ouismo and Quam Almost got it ! Should I jump ?Our cat QuamI got it, I got it ! Hurry, I’m holding on to it.Our cat QuamOh no, it got loose ! Go get it Quismo, get it !Quismo our Bengal catA little bit lower and I am catching it 🙂

Both cats love the toy. We have had several wands. Usually they don’t last for very long. I should have known Quismo would not like the catnip drops. He has never been a fan of catnip toys. Quam on the other hand love them so it was no surprise he would love the drops.


The last few days have been cloudy, gray, drizzling. There’s not been much to inspire me to take any pictures. I’ve been browsing through my albums today. Not exactly to find anything to post but more to recall the summer. Then I saw these three pictures of Quam which I took in the end of September. Why not post them. To me he is so cute, so irresistible. I didn’t want to disturb him but couldn’t resist shooting a couple of pictures of him sitting there on the terrace enjoying the last sun rays of the day. He is so relaxed. There is nothing that distracts him. To me it looks like he is meditating. I think he didn’t even notice me photographing 🙂Quam our Norwegian Forest cat Norsk skogkatt p9200328CC Quam our Norwegian Forest cat Norsk skogkatt OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Quam our Norwegian Forest cat Norsk skogkatt p9200331CC