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A Two Hour Walk

Cat img_8260cc
Such a wonderful day for a long walk. Sunshine, no wind, temperature plus one degree Celsius. Even my favorite cat in the neighborhood was out for a walk. I do see him from time to time. I fell for him at first sight. He is absolutely adorable and so beautiful. He reminds me of a picture of a Turkish Angora in the Royal Canin Calendar of 2006-2007.  I still have the calendar because of the picture. Once or twice I have tried to take photos of him but every time he saw me lift my camera he turned his back to me and slowly walked away. Yesterday he was sitting on the road watching me and Canelo coming closer and closer. He didn’t move so I stopped and told him to please sit still and let me have a picture taken. Oh how happy I was as he didn’t move. After the first picture I said let me take one more. But nope. I could feel him saying, you said one. He got up and with a lot of dignity he walked away. I can’t remember when was the first time a saw him but it is already several years ago. I wish him well and hope I will see him around here for many more years to come.Pitkäjärvi lake IMG_8262C

Pitkäjärvi lake img_8263ccc
Oh the lake looked so nice. Click ! I know, I already do have plenty of pictures from the very same spot that look exactly the same but I every time find the view beautiful and can’t resist taking new pictures.
Mushrooms IMG_8272C
Mushrooms ! ? I had to look twice. Yes. I have no idea what kind of mushrooms they are. There are so many in the Mushroom book that look the same so I just don’t try to find out what these are. Neither do they look delicious. But still, we are in the middle of November and there are mushrooms !
Squirrel img_8277c
I could hear something in a tree. I stopped and so did the squirrel. I think he thought he was invisible for as long as he didn’t move. Again, slowly, slowly the camera out from my pocket and even more slowly lifting it. Click. Yes, I got a picture. Not a very good one but a picture. I didn’t shoot an other as I didn’t want to keep him in the freeze position for no longer. I put the camera away and he hopped away.

It was a lovely, enjoyable walk on a lovely November day.

Winter Mushrooms

The other day when I was out walking Canelo we went the same route we always walk. The road along the lake. I saw something yellow on the other side of the ditch. Small yellow mushrooms. They grow on a rotting tree trunk. I really don’t know mushrooms well at all. Back at home I looked for the mushrooms from an old book we have. The book is from 1952 with nice drawings in colour. According to the book and after browsing the internet I think it is winter mushroom [Flammulina velutipes, Collybia velutipes]. I may, of course, be wrong. Anyway. The mushrooms look very nice. They lit up the already gray nature. I think I have, long ago, seen some, maybe even photographed, but then didn’t think more of it. I read an article in a Swedish news paper saying the winter mushroom is unknown to many and that it’s edible. But, since I’m still unsure I better not pick and eat of them.
Winter mushroom, Flammulina velutipes, Collybia velutipes IMG_8212C Winter mushroom, Flammulina velutipes, Collybia velutipes img_8216C Winter mushroom, Flammulina velutipes, Collybia velutipes IMG_8222C

Amanita muscaria

Amanita muscaria also known as fly agaric or fly amanita.

Wednesday morning last week when Leif came back  from his and Canelo’s  morning walk he asked have I seen there is a beautiful “flugsvamp” (= Amanita muscaria) right outside the gate. I said I had the evening before when I came back from the evening walk. Did you take a pic he asked. Nope, I said, I didn’t. It was raining and I didn’t want to take my camera out from my pocket and the mushroom still was very tiny, just had popped it’s head up through the ground. He said that in his opinion the fly agaric is the most beautiful mushroom of all mushrooms. I told him I too think they look nice and how I every fall, when I was a kid, at school, loved to draw and paint them. He suggested I take a picture of it. Since I actually have so many pictures of fly agaric from all previous years, I had no intention to shoot any new ones. But, okay, if you want me to I’ll do it.

The next days we kept asking each other have you seen the mushroom today ? The color is so nice and bright. Then, oh, now the hat is really big. Then, awww, the color is fading. Today Leif said no need to take anymore pictures of the mushroom, in his mind, it was practically gone. I couldn’t resist, I took one more pic. He was right, the mushroom’s “best before” has expired.

i have always wondered why the name refers to flies. I have never seen any flies or other insects, snails or anything on them. I guess it’s because the poisonous. I believe I have, if not hundreds of pictures of the amanita muscaria, but very well dozens of them I will not take any new pictures anymore next fall or the next or the next . . .  😉

Amanita muscariaI, fly agaric, flugsvamp, kärpässieni MG_7511C

Amanita muscariaI, fly agaric, flugsvamp, kärpässieni IMG_7540C

Amanita muscariaI, fly agaric, flugsvamp, kärpässieni IMG_7546C

Amanita muscariaI, fly agaric, flugsvamp, kärpässieni IMG_7547C

Amanita muscariaI, fly agaric, flugsvamp, kärpässieni IMG_7570C

Amanita muscariaI, fly agaric, flugsvamp, kärpässieniIMG_7572C

Amanita muscariaI, fly agaric, flugsvamp, kärpässieni IMG_7618CC

Amanita muscariaI, fly agaric, flugsvamp, kärpässieni IMG_7619C

Amanita muscariaI, fly agaric, flugsvamp, kärpässieni IMG_7636C