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Cherry Blossom

My favorite cherry tree is in full bloom.

I’m so happy that I happened to see this three years ago. I still wonder how it is possible I had not noticed it before because the tree must have been there for years. Well, happy I now know 🙂

Cherry tree, körsbärsträd, kirsikkapuu 20180510_095018CCherry tree, körsbärsträd, kirsikkapuu IMG_6435C


Cherry Blossom

Last year I was photographing the cherry tree in full bloom on May 7. Today we went to Lidl to shop. At home we had been talking about how beautiful the cherry tree close to Lidl was last spring. We thought it would not be in bloom yet as the spring has been pretty cold. Surprise, surprise ! In full bloom ! It is so beautiful. Two guys also were there taking photos and we talked about how amazing it is. The other one said he doesn’t think it’s a cherry tree. The other one and I looked at each other in disbelief but neither of us said anything. Either way, it is or not, I will still call it a cherry tree 🙂