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Helsinki Central Railway Station Lamp Holders

It is highly recommended that people wear face masks when traveling by train, tramway and bus. The huge ”stone men” holding the lamps/lanterns, at the main entrance of the Helsinki railway station, support it by also wearing masks.

Lux Helsinki 2020 Light Festival

We have only been once before to the light festival event in Helsinki. I think it was six years ago. It may have been the first time it was arranged. This time the event is from 4.1. – 8.1.2020. The route starts from the Senate square where the Church is lit with the art SunWind. Then it continues for about a 2,5 km long route where are 8 more arts to experience. The opening was yesterday at 5 pm. There was a lot of people. At the second stop, The Bridge, the line was looong. It felt like I stood in line for hours. But, from there on it was easier. The weather was nice. No snow, not slippery but, the wind was a bit chilly. So happy I was wearing enough of warm cloths. After the stop at number 5, the Large Fire Tornado, which is a kinetic fire installation which flame reaches a height of 16 m, we went home. There are four more arts we didn’t see. So, we either go to see them or then not.

Lux Helsinki 2020 Light Festival 20200104_165246_HDRCLux Helsinki 2020 Light Festival 20200104_170147_HDRCLux Helsinki 2020 Light Festival 20200104_171122_HDRCLux Helsinki 2020 Light Festival 20200104_180645_HDRCLux Helsinki 2020 Light Festival 20200104_181554_HDRC

Memorial for Seafarers

Yesterday on the All Saints Day we, at first, went to lit candles on the graves of all the loved ones. Then to Helsinki to attend the event of the memorial ceremony at the memorial for seafarers. My father in law was a seaman. He and my husband visited the memorial event long ago. I have walked in the park many times but, this was the first time I was there at the event. About ten sea rescue boats sailed by in a parade honoring the event. The wind was pretty hard and cold. It was hard to take photos. My fingers freezing cold and numb. It is sad to think of all those who lost their lives at sea. Most often during horrible weather conditions.

The Kaivopuisto Air Show 2017

The Air Show was arranged by the Finnish Aviation Museum and took place in Kaivopuisto Helsinki yesterday. The weather was gorgeous. Lots and lots of people. We were not there from the very beginning but, we saw Finnair’s new Airbus A 350 while still walking to the site of the event. Unfortunately I was not yet ready with my camera. We also saw Arctic Eagles, Typhoon and Gripens fly. They were fast and the noise level was high. I’m happy we didn’t take Canelo with us. The gray color of those planes made it hard for me to follow and my photos were no good. I deleted them all. Luckily the Red Arrows red color made it much easier to photograph.

A short clip. Quality not very good.

The Finnish Defence Forces’ Day

The National Parade on the Flag Day of the Finnish Defence Forces was held in Helsinki, Senate square yesterday. Last time it was in Helsinki was five years ago. We were there also then . It was, both back then and also yesterday, a beautiful sunny day, blue skies.

Kimi @ Karting Event in Helsinki

The event was organized by Scuderia Ferrari sponsor Santander. I’m a huge, both F1 and Kimi, fan. Of course I had to go there yesterday. I saw Kimi drive rally car at an event in Helsinki in July 2011. That time I didn’t get close enough to take pictures. Now I was lucky to stand in front of the interview/trophy distribution platform right outside the crush barrier. Still it was not easy to take pictures as there were so many professional photographers allowed inside the barrier. I’m glad we went there. It really was a nice event on a glorious, warm, sunny day.

Kimi @ karting Event in Helsinki August 2015Kimi @ karting Event in Helsinki August 2015Kimi @ karting Event in Helsinki August 2015 IMG_9964CKimi @ karting Event in Helsinki August 2015Kimi @ karting Event in Helsinki August 2015 IMG_9962CKimi @ karting Event in Helsinki August 2015 IMG_9978CKimi and commentator/interviewer Oskari SaariKimi and commentator/interviewer Oskari SaariKimi @ karting Event in Helsinki August 2015

Ring Rail Line

The Ring Rail Line opened on July 1st. Now you can go by train from Helsinki Central railway station to the airport. We, of course, because of curiosity took the “ring” trip yesterday. There are “P” and “I” trains, the other goes clockwise the other counterclockwise, both every 10 minutes during daytime.

Through the window we saw dark clouds ahead in the distance. When we arrived at the central station and stepped off the first rain drops dropped. We made it to the glass-covered part. Then the water poured down ! Luckily it didn’t last for more than ten minutes. Good for us. Now we could enter the train for the return trip without getting wet.

Ring Rail Line Helsinki Ring Rail Line IMG_9796C Ring Rail Line Helsinki IMG_9801C Ring Rail Line Helsinki IMG_9804C Ring Rail Line Helsinki IMG_9805C Ring Rail Line Helsinki IMG_9806C Ring Rail Line Helsinki IMG_9829C