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Helsinki Central Railway Station Lamp Holders

It is highly recommended that people wear face masks when traveling by train, tramway and bus. The huge ”stone men” holding the lamps/lanterns, at the main entrance of the Helsinki railway station, support it by also wearing masks.

Helsinki Central Station / Lamp Holders

Because my husband needed to go to Helsinki to take care of some errands I said, I will come too (we went by car). I’d like to just stroll around a bit. It’s such a nice day. Sunshine. Not too cold. Only -3 C. No wind. When I walked by the central station I noticed the lamp holders. They have beautiful flower garlands on their heads. Neither of us couldn’t figure out why. So, I googled on the net. I found it. It’s the 100 years anniversary of the station. It was opened on March 5th 1919.

Art Museum Ateneum 20190311_110104CAlso tomorrow he is attending a meeting in Helsinki and I will go with him. While his in the meeting I am going, with a friend, to visit the Ateneum Art Museum where is held František Kupka art exhibition.

Old Moskvich & Lamp Holders

Yesterday we celebrated the First of May at our friend’s summer cottage. It was a beautiful sunny day but, the wind was cold. So we stayed indoors. We had such a nice and lovely time there. Thank you for having us. On the way back home we decided to take a quick drive to down town Hämeenlinna market square to have a look at the First of May happening there. Too late. The event was over. All the people had left and the organizers packed their equipment. But, had we not gone there my husband had not seen the old Moskvich. He said, you have to take a picture of me and the car. My very first car was a Moskvich. It was exactly like this one.

As always in the car we were listening to the radio. There was a program about the rock band Kiss and the concert they are giving in Helsinki. They also mentioned the Helsinki Central railway station huge lamp holding statues that are now wearing Kiss masks painted by local fans. I said, let’s go there. I’d love to shoot some photos of them. OK, said hubby. I too want to see them. Guess what ! I wasn’t the only one there photographing 🙂 The masks will be removed the day after the concert.