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Great spotted woodpecker IMG_9036CGreat spotted woodpecker IMG_9037CThe other day  my husband said, hurry, hurry take the camera and come. There is a woodpecker sitting on the tree stump right on the other side of the fence. I said, if I open the door he will fly away. I’ll take some photos through the window and we’ll see what they look like. Once again, I wish I had had the camera on the tripod. Next time . . . 

Great Spotted Woodpeckers

In the morning I heard a woodpecker pecking a tree somewhere in the neighbor’s garden. I quickly went in, grabbed my camera and back out. I still heard him but was unable to spot him. My neighbor was on the porch. I said I so wish I would be able to shoot a couple of photos. But, the sound disappeared. In the afternoon my neighbor called. She said, go look, there now are two woodpeckers. She was right. The two of them picking insects on the ground. I hope they will be back tomorrow or in a near future and I will be able to shoot better photos.