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geese, gäss, hanhiaStill a flock of geese here ! There has been some frosty nights and also a little bit of snow a couple of times in September and October. But, lately it has been warm, gray and rainy. The huge flocks of geese left about a month ago. It still is pretty warm, about 5-9 degrees Celsius. The weather forecast says it is going to continue the same, at least, for the next ten days. I wonder for how long the geese will stay. Will they migrate at all ?

Geese Migrating Southwards


I wonder are you able to spot them ? They are the tiny black spots 😉

GeeseThere has been some snow already in many places in Finland. Where we live, there so far, only has been a little bit which melted quickly. The birds know it’s time for them to migrate. Yesterday hundreds of geese resting in the water on the other side of the lake on their way southwards. Oh my, they are loud. I was able to hear them loud and clear. Have a safe flight. See you next spring 🙂

Barnacle Geese

Barnacle Geese IMG_6185CBarnacle Geese IMG_6191CIt’s still quite warm here. But, the birds know it’s time to migrate. Already for days we have, daily, both seen and heard flocks of hundreds of geese migrate. They usually stop to eat and rest in the nearby field. Same field where the cranes have stayed for a couple of weeks. On Wednesday, on the way home from the supermarket, we stopped just to take a couple of photos. In the photo also are the four cranes and a few Canada geese  but they are hard to spot as they stayed far further down the field.