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Christmas sweets

Christmas is right around the corner. I have baked some gingerbreads and made date nut balls. Of course there are no left so I will make some more next week right before Christmas Eve. As I this morning edited the photos from yesterday my dear cat Jacky, as usually, kept on eye on my doings. I wish you all Happy Safe Holidays !

Date Balls (again)

Date BallsI have called them date balls. Yesterday I found out on the internet that they also are called date/nut balls, date energy balls, vegan balls and healthy sweets. Thumbs up for the healthy. Plus that they are delicious and quick to make. Yesterday, when I started to make them again, my son suggested a new flavor. He happened to have salted liquorice powder. I love salted liquorice (salmiak). So, I was happy with the suggestion and rolled six of the balls in the salmiak powder. I try not to eat salmiak liquorice too often as it is not very healthy. But, I think a few date balls rolled in little bit of salmiak powder is okay. I know my balls are date/nut balls but, I still am going to call them date balls.

Date Balls

Time flies. It is five years since I last made date balls. They are so quick and simple to make so, from now on I will make them more often. At least once a year. The recipe says it makes 22-24 balls. There are only 18 in the photos as we already ate some.

Date ballsDate balls Recipe

200 g fresh dates
1,5 dl (abt. 70 g) Pecan nuts
1 dl (abt. 50 g) cashew nuts
about 1/2 tsp cinnamon
about 1/2 tsp cardamom (which I don’t like so I didn’t use)

Pit the dates. Then put all the ingredients into the food processor. Form about 22-24 small balls. Then roll them in e.g. coconut flakes, almond flour or dark cocoa powder.

White chocolate fiasco

Not only once, but twice ! I had no idea how tricky it is to melt white chocolate ! The first time I tried was for the Halloween chocolate cake. The dark chocolate with 70% cocoa melt nicely and was easy to cover the cake with. I wanted to decorate it with a spider web in white chocolate. Too bad I had not read about how to melt white chocolate. It burned, turned brown and hard.

Date Balls Date Balls

Yesterday I, again, made date balls. I wanted to coat some with white chocolate. This time I would be very careful, not make any mistakes. I read so many tips on how to do and how not to do it. Well, at least, it didn’t burn this time. But was too thick and hardened too quickly. I gave up after “dipping” eight balls in it. The rest I rolled in coconut flakes and cocoa powder.

Last night I was convinced, no more melted white chocolate for me. I’m done with it for good !

But, again this morning I have surfed the web for even more tips on how to succeed in melting it. Maybe I still sometime will give it a third chance 🙂 After all, the balls with the white chocolate coating are delicious 😉