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Coconut Cookies

coconut cookies  img_8352cc coconut cookies IMG_8367C
On Friday I made coconut cookies (in Swedish kokostoppar = coconut peaks) I was not happy with the way the chocolate looked. Too thick in my opinion. But yummy. Very much like Bounty coconut chocolate bars. Neither were the cookies peak like. The recipe also suggested grated lime or lemon peel of which I didn’t have at home. I decided to make new ones the next day. This time I made them look like peaks. I also added grated lemon peel. Yes, now I am happy. They look more like I think they should. And the taste of lemon is nice.

50 g butter
2 eggs
1 dl sugar (or 0,5 dl) I used one
200 g coconut flakes (unsweetened) I’m not sure mine were
grated lime or lemon peel

Melt the butter. Stir the eggs and the sugar. Add the coconut flakes, the grated peel and the butter. Use tablespoons to form peaks. Bake at 175 C for about 15 minutes.

Oh, by the way I just found a recipe on home-made Bounty Bars ! Hmmm, should I or should I not ? We’ll see 😉