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New Lenses / Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum IMG_7987CChrysanthemum IMG_8000CChrysanthemum IMG_8003CChrysanthemum IMG_8074COn Saturday, after we visited the art museum we went to the flea market across the street. Just to stroll around, not to buy anything. I saw a man selling two Canon lenses. I have two lenses which are 18-55mm and 90-300mm. He had two. The other one 28-80mm and the other 75-300mm. He didn’t ask too much for them (in my opinion) so I bought both. I have so far photographed using the 28-80mm. The three first photos are taken with the 28-80mm. The last one with the 18-55mm. I found it hard to see which is which. I wonder do I really need them. Maybe it was not a good idea to buy them. Perhaps I will, after all, sell them.