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Lense Attack

I’m eagerly, every morning, checking for any signs of day lilies to get flower stems. No stems yet. Thumbs up there will be many. Today my eye caught a beetle on  a chive flower. I was super quick back inside to get my camera. Beetle on chive flower I don’t know what he’s doing. Is he a flower munching beetle or is he setting eggs or is the black spot poop. It’s okay if he munches the chives but I hope he will leave my lilies untouched. Beetle on chive flower I could see the lense annoyed him because he started to crawl away. Beetle on chive flower It looked like he decided to escape, leave the field. Beetle on chive flower But, NO ! He turned around. Showing me his most scary, most mean face. Leave me alone or . . . Beetle on chive flower I warned you ! Now I’m gonna get you. This is my best attack position. Beetle on chive flower Arrrgh ! Beetle on chive flower Oops, he collided the lense ! What happened to him. I was not able to find him after the last picture. Maybe he fainted or then he was able still to fly away. Good thing is the lense is fine.  Sorry beetle, sorry. I hope you are fine.