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Cherry Blossom

Last spring we visited the Cherry Tree Park in Roihuvuori where are about 150 trees. I’m not sure about the number of threes as I have found different numbers but there are many. Next Sunday there is held and event Hanami festival. We probably will go there.

Today I saw the most wonderful cherry tree in Konala not far away from us. Compared to this one the ones in the park in Roihuvuori still are babies. They need many more years to grow this size.Cherry Blossom IMG_0947CCCherry Blossom IMG_0940CC

The two above pictures were shot in the morning about 9 am and the three below in the afternoon at about 3:30 pm.

Cherry Blossom IMG_0960CCherry Blossom IMG_0959CCherry Blossom IMG_0957C