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Jacky & The Tree

Jacky img_2992cJacky img_2993c We had planned to take out the Christmas tree yesterday. So, in the afternoon when I was ready to do it my husband suggested let’s leave it for tomorrow. I would have liked to have it done immediately but gave in. In the evening when I was watching TV in the living room Jacky, suddenly after several attempts to climb the tree for the past days, finally made it halfway up. My first reaction was the tree’s gonna crash down. But as it looked steady I hurried to pick up my camera and took a couple of pictures. Then I gently took him away and said, haven’t I told you, it’s a no, no for cats to climb Christmas trees. He looked at me. I could feel his answer. Why ? See, nothing bad happened. Then hours later, at 4:00 am, we heard the crash. I was quickly there. Jacky sitting on floor, looking in disbelief, who did this ! ? My husband said, now take a photo 🙂 I was too tired and lazy for any photos. Just wanted the tree out right away and back to sleep.


Bird img_2715cJacky img_2719cJacky img_2718cJacky img_2721cJacky has not been outdoors for a month. Either the weather’s been lousy, it’s been too cold or we have been busy.Today was the perfect time to go explore the outside world again. Jacky was much more relaxed this time. He sat a good time by the fence just enjoying different smells listening to all the sounds. Then ! A bird came and sat on the branch above him. He was trembling with excitement. The bird sat there for a good while. He looked at the both of us and made some sound. Sounded like cluck, cluck. A bit like a hen. When my husband returned from the store and drove to the yard the bird flew away.

Jacky . . .

Yesterday I helped “dad”. I kept track on the peelings, of the about 100 peel and seal envelopes. He threw the peels onto the bed. It was pretty fun to catch them. Although he was a bit slow and I had to wait for the next one and next one . . .

Jacky img_2679cJacky img_2695c

It’s snowing

Jacky our cat img_2382cJacky our cat img_2384cJacky our cat img_2386cWe woke at 6:30. My husband said look it’s snowing. I looked out the window. The ground barely white. When my husband was back from the dentist and we had done the grocery shopping I put the harness on Jacky. I wanted him to experience his first snow ! I took him outdoors and put him down. I’m not sure whether he liked the snow or not. Maybe he didn’t even notice it. I think Canelo playing with a tennis ball and cars driving by were much more exciting. But when the bus came he thought it too noisy and wanted back inside.

@ the Vet

Jacky at the vet img_2353c Jacky at the vet img_2354c Jacky at the vet img_2355cYesterday we were at the vet with Jacky for vaccination against rabies. The vet is very familiar to us. He has treated all our cats and dogs except for our cat Misse. I asked him may I take a picture when you vaccinate him. He said no problem. Take a couple , just in case. While we were talking he petted Jacky and I took two pics. Then he vaccinated him. We were about to leave when I mentioned to him I, by the way, I forgot to take the picture 😀 He said no problem. We can reconstruct it, the needle is still here. I got my pic 🙂 Thank you so much. Jacky, you did so well. Both the car ride and at the vet. No more vaccinations before a year from now.