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Apple Flowers

I have been quite busy and almost missed photographing the apple flowers. On Monday I saw they started to turn brownish already. I quickly took a couple of pictures. I, of course, have plenty pictures of them from years back but, when they are in bloom I can’t resist them. Jacky was very curious about what I was doing. He climbed up in the tree trying to figure out what was going on. Wednesday was a windy day and all the petals blew away.

Apple Blossom

My goodness ! I think the apple trees blossoms like never before. Even our tree (one and only) has millions of flowers. I try to not take too many pictures but soon realize I have like always way too many of them 🙂 The time they are in bloom is too short in my opinion. Now the petals already have began to fall off and soon the ground will look like it’s been snowing.

Apple Blossom

I Love Apple Blossom

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This beautiful, gorgeous, big apple tree is just a few hundred meters down the road. Last night when walking Canelo I just couldn’t resist shooting the apple blossom. I was a little bit embarrassed as, the owner, the lady of the garden happened to come by. She said it was okay to take pictures and she too loves apple blossom.