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Pony & Donkey

pony and donkey IMG_6394Cpony and donkey  IMG_6392CYesterday on the way to the supermarket my husband said did you see the ponies. No, make a u-turn. There on the football/sports field was a pony and a donkey. Both so very cute. They belong to a circus that was about to leave. Of course I took a couple of photos.


Uff, still upset I, last week, missed the opportunity to shoot close ups of the deer in my neighbor’s garden. But, I’m not giving up the dream to, one day, be able to meet an other one, eye to eye, and take my best ever close deer picture. On Tuesday there was one in the field not far away from us. I took a couple of pictures from, an about a 150 meter distance. He stood there like a statue but, when the two hares, closer to me, got frightened and ran away he too got scared and ran.

Donkeys and Cows

DonkeyDonkey and cowsDonkey

Saw these donkeys on the farmyard not far from our friends’ summer cottage. I have seen the horses, cows, reindeer and hens. As always, I was also now looking for the reindeer and said to my husband, no reindeer today but I think I saw two donkeys. Our friends confirmed there really also are donkeys.

On the way home we stopped just to take a couple of pictures. I found out from their site, Kissankulman Eläinpiha, the other donkey came to the farm three years ago and the other one two years ago. I think they are cute. There also are goats, pigs, geese, ducks and of course two dogs and cats. Maybe I should pay them a visit next time.