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Wow ! I’m amazed. The Amaryllis we got for Christmas is in bloom, again. I have never had one blooming more than at the time of Christmas. And . . . there is one more stem coming up. I am already able to see there will be more flowers. It takes a long time so, maybe at Easter. The stem at Christmas was short. This time it’s very tall and the flowers so heavy that if I don’t put some weight (stones) in the basket it will fall over.

My Amaryllis

Flower crazy as I am I couldn’t resist taking some more pictures  on the Amaryllis. It’s in bloom ! Two more buds.  This time I used “white” background. For backgrounds I use colored cardboard sheets. i think the black background, my posting Jan 14, works best. The light is a daylight fluorescent bathroom tube. My dream is to someday have a bit more professional backgrounds and lights. I have looked for some on the internet but the ones I’d like to have are a bit expensive. So for the time being I stick to my cardboard sheets and bathroom tube.

The Amaryllis

Three more flowers in bloom. They are so heavy that the pot fell. Luckily the flowers were not damaged so I cut the stem and put it in a vase. There actually is one more stem coming up. The first one dried. This new one looks very green and is growing fast. I hope it will bloom.
I have read about “How to make your Amaryllis bloom again” and “Year round care” Step by step. The steps are many but I think I will give it a try. Two possibilities. It either succeeds or failsP1130504CC Amaryllis



What a beautiful Amaryllis we got for Christmas from good friends of ours. Thank you so much. Two flowers already in bloom and still three buds. Also there is an other stem coming up. I can see there are buds. I hope they too will bloom but I’m a little worried they will not as the buds look brownish. Maybe I have watered the plant too much or too little. Will have to wait and see.