I don’t bike (bicycle) anymore. I have not for, I think, the past 5-6-7 years. I find it hard to get on and of the bike. Probably an age issue as well as overweight ūüė¶ Neither does my husband do it anymore. He, unfortunately, has bad hips, bad knees, bad ankles ūüė¶ We used to bike a lot. We very often, after work, we made 40 to 60 km tours. For the last couple of years I have been talking about that maybe I would be able to kickbike. About two weeks ago I bought a used one. Oh dear ! I had no idea it would be so hard and difficult. I almost gave it up immediately but my son said why not try it for a little longer. It’s getting better but, still quite shaky and wobbly. I only use my left leg to kick with. I wonder will I ever learn to use both. We’ll see. The other day my husband wanted to try it. So I let him. I told him to take it easy because of his legs. I think he better not do it anymore. If I don’t learn to do it well I will sell it next spring.



Bird snapshots. I think it’s a flycatcher, a fieldfare, a common tern and a¬† swallow.

Creepy Creeps

Creeps on thistleCreeps on thistleI went to look for the caterpillar on the thistle plant. Yes, it’s still there. There also was a spider so I took a couple of photos. When editing I wondered what are those tiny black spots. I cropped it. Eeeek ! They are tiny creepy creeps. I know, they are so small but, I’m a wimp and the smaller a thing the more creepy to me. I told my husband to have the plant removed today. Anyway, the plant didn’t even belong in my day lily bench. Bye plant, bye tiny creepy insects.

Bumblebee & Caterpillar

Bumblebee on pink thistleBumblebee on pink thistleI was photographing pink thistles yesterday when a bumblebee landed on one of them. Great color hair. It looks so soft I almost wanted to touch it.

ThistleThistle/BurdockThistle/Burdock/caterpillarI have been looking forward to see what kind and color the flowers of the ‚Äúhuge thistle‚ÄĚ in my flower bench will look like. The plant now is about 130 cm tall and the ‚Äúflowers‚ÄĚ look like burdock. I took some photos and was about to leave when I saw this beautiful green/white with a bit of yellow caterpillar. He was eating the leaves and had already had plenty of them.

More Nostalgic Feelings

Here are some photos from yesterday of the steam train and Borgå old town.