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Goodbye Camper


Our camper 20190618_094846_HDRC

We have sold our camper. We bought our first (an old, used one) camper in September 2006. Canelo, our dog, was only 5 months when we made our first road trip to Lapland in the beginning of October. It was so nice. In spring 2010 we sold it and bought an other used one. But, after Canelo left us in March 2018 I just didn’t want to go out on the road anymore. Already last summer I suggested we sell the camper but, my husband didn’t want to. Now he too realized it was time to put it for sale. I’m happy we got it sold but, at the same time I feel a little bit sad. Thank you camper for all the wonderful road trips. Have many more with your new family.

@ Forum Marinum Maritime Centre

On Friday 28th it was my husband’s birthday. For the fifth year in a row we have celebrated it by going to different places of his choice. This year he wanted to visit the Forum Marinum Maritime Centre in Åbo. It mostly was gray skies all day and a bit chilly. Good it didn’t rain. Not until late in the evening. Such a nice day. More photos tomorrow 🙂 

From the Pandas to the”Kyläkauppa”

After we had had the good luck to see the other of the pandas awake we decided to drive by the largest department store, Kyläkauppa, in Finland. We were there in end of June 2007. The facade the looked different. It was in light yellow and white. The new Facade is in blue and yellow or should I say blue and gold. There is a RV park, a lot of fun things to do for kids and an amusement park plus much more. It has been so warm here. Also last Wednesday it was. We had the air conditioner on all the time. That’s probably why I got a terrible flue.  

Ring Rail Line

The Ring Rail Line opened on July 1st. Now you can go by train from Helsinki Central railway station to the airport. We, of course, because of curiosity took the “ring” trip yesterday. There are “P” and “I” trains, the other goes clockwise the other counterclockwise, both every 10 minutes during daytime.

Through the window we saw dark clouds ahead in the distance. When we arrived at the central station and stepped off the first rain drops dropped. We made it to the glass-covered part. Then the water poured down ! Luckily it didn’t last for more than ten minutes. Good for us. Now we could enter the train for the return trip without getting wet.

Ring Rail Line Helsinki Ring Rail Line IMG_9796C Ring Rail Line Helsinki IMG_9801C Ring Rail Line Helsinki IMG_9804C Ring Rail Line Helsinki IMG_9805C Ring Rail Line Helsinki IMG_9806C Ring Rail Line Helsinki IMG_9829C

@ Visavuori Museum

Yesterday we visited Visavuori Museum together with friends of ours. It was the home of the sculptor Emil Wikström from 1894 till his death in 1942. It is situated in Sääksmäki, about 130 km from Helsinki.Visavuori Museum IMG_9697C
We took a guided tour. Here is some of what the guide told us. Emil Wikström himself designed the first building with a combined studio and home which unfortunately was distroyed by a fire. He then decided to have the studio and home separate and built two buildings. The one with the tower was his studio the other their home.
Visavuori Museum IMG_9698C
Window in the cafeteria. The cafeteria which once  was the bronze foundry.
Visavuori Museum IMG_9718C
You can see four of this lantern/lamp designed by him in the front of the main railway station in Helsinki. There are the statues in stone of two pairs of mythical giants, also called the stone men, holding lanterns in their hands.
Visavuori Museum IMG_9727C
An organ, up in the tower, built by his brother.
The living room.
Visavuori Museum IMG_9748C
The kitchen stove and oven.
Visavuori Museum
Visavuori Museum
The family home.
Visavuori Museum
Visavuori Museum
Finnish Silverline Visavuori Museum IMG_9759C
Finnish Silverline is sailing the lake Vanaja from Tampere to Hämeenlinna with several stops of which one is at Visavuori. We had planned to by ship go to Hämeenlinna (2,5 h). Due to unfortunate reasons we didn’t. We will make the tour an other time. But we went down to the dock the see one friend go. Thank you dear friends for a wonderful, interesting day.

”Mini Cruise” to Tallinn 12.12.12

We were on a mini cruise to Tallinn yesterday.  We went by the ferry Viking Xprs from Helsinki at 11:30 am.  Capacity 2.500 passengers. I really believe there was that many as it was crowded.

Thank God the weather was good. Anyway had it been a snowstorm I would have stayed at home.  The day was cloudy and dark but, yes, fortunately the sea was calm.

Viking Xprs IMG_3187_1

We arrived at 2 pm. After waiting for the free Viking Xprs bus, that never came, we walked  to the old town as I wanted to experience the ‘Jouluturg’ the Christmas Market at the Old Town Square.  It was very nice and beautiful. I liked it.

Tallin Old Town Market Square IMG_3196_1 IMG_3199_1

Soon we had to return to the ferry for the departure at 6 pm.  We were hungry and looking forward to have the Christmas buffet. It was sooo delicious. Just check the menu

At home at about 9.45 pm. Son, cats and Canelo were happy to have as back. Canelo of course was absolutely overjoyed.

Visiting friends on Kimito Island

Almost two years since last time we visited our friends on Kimito. It was, to be exact, on 23 August 2010. The weather was nice and warm then and so it was also yesterday. We had a great day. Eeva had made a wonderful zucchini soup and a delicious blueberry pie. In the afternoon they took us on a sightseeing tour. It was very, very interesting. So many beautiful places. We couldn’t have had better guides than you two. Thank you so much dear friends 🙂


On the ferry from Kimito to the mainland.

Suomenlinna ~ Sveaborg

Yesterday we went to Suomenlinna. I got inspired to go there because one of my Facebook friends told me about an art exhibition at Suomenlinna library. Also I thought it time to make a visit there as I cannot remember how long ago it is since I last was there. Leif has visited the island for many times in the last 10-15 years. It’s not more than one and a half month since he was there with our niece for the season opening of the Customs Museum.  Leif too was excited to go there yesterday. He said he will take me the visit the Customs Museum.

The customs museum is a very small one. Only three small rooms. It was kind of funny to see the kind of uniforms in the museum that my husband used in the mid of the 60’s. My goodness, how old are we ? ! An other thing he was very proud of to show me was his friend Steve’s moped being there on display there for the summer.

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On the way back to the ferry we went to the library to enjoy the art exhibition of paintings by Seppo Saukkonen. Many of the paintings with scenes from the island. I already was familiar to his paintings from visiting his website. But seeing them “live” was nice. I forgot to shoot a picture of the museum building which also very pittoresque.

It was a great day. Suomenlinna really, really is a beautiful place. I could have stayed there for couple of more hours but we have paid the parking for the car only for three hours. Can you believe how stupid the parking meter. You need to, in advance, choose and pay for how long you are going to stay ! We paid for three hours. We returned only 5 minutes before the time was about to run out. I like the parking meters where you get your ticket when you arrive and then pay for the time you stayed when leaving.