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Malminkartano Railway Station Street Art / Murals

In the end of February I showed my son the photos I took at Myyrmäki railway station. He said, you should go to the Malminkartano station. There are a lot of street art/murals. Both Myyrmäki and Malminkartano stations are not far from us. Only about 6-7 km. We were there yesterday. My son was right. There are many paintings. I didn’t photograph all of them. Here are some I took. Once again, I took way too many photos.

Myyrmäki Railway Station Street Art/Murals

On Wednesday 27th we both went visiting an optician situated at the Myyrmäki mall. I had my eyes checked first. So while my husband’s eyes were checked I went for a walk. I decided to go to the railway station which is right outside the mall. It is a long time since I was there last. I think I have not seen the paintings before. Or, I may have, as my husband suggested, forgot ! Either way, I’m glad I walked there and got to see them now and shoot some nice photos. The paintings are huge, colorful and impressive.

I googled and found out many were painted in 2015 when the railway station was renovated as part of the Ring Rail Line opened in the summer 2015 connecting Helsinki Railway to Helsinki Airport.

Some of my Wednesday photos were no good so I went back on Thursday to take some more photos.

Myyrmäki  art 20190228_112019CThis one is a short walk from the station right in front of an underpass.

Street Art

Street art, Helsinki Pasila 20190122_105549cOn Tuesday, the 22nd, we went to Helsinki, Pasila again. I so much looked forward to it. Because on the last visit there, about two and a half week ago, I saw some beautiful street art paintings. Now, they were nowhere to be found ! That was so disappointing. They were painted on removable walls but I never thought they would be moved before I was back. Well, next time I see something very nice I certainly will take the photos right away. Here is the only photo from the Tuesday trip which was taken through the car window at a red light stop.

By the way, we needed to go there also the next day. I found some paintings I had not seen before. Will post them as soon as I have edited them. There probably are many more to explore on other visits. 

Street Art

Yesterday, we (actually my husband) had some errands to take care of in Helsinki, Pasila. While he was taking care of the things he had to do I went for a walk to spot street arts. Brrr, it was cold ! Only minus 13 degrees Celsius. But, the wind made it feel like 23 ! After just a short walk across the street I found these three wall paintings I had not seen before. I quickly took the pictures and walked back to the car. Luckily I needed not wait for too long for my husband to be back. When driving away I saw a very nice piece of art which I hope to take photos of next time we go there. Which will be soon.

Street Art

Here are some more photos from Friday 7th when we were in Pasila. After photographing the 34 m high mural we on the way back to the parking saw more wall paintings.

Back at home I searched for information on the paintings. I found out I had it all wrong about these two photos above . This is how it should be seen. Photo below. (not a photo taken by me.)

Street Art Pasila (not a photo taken by me)

Below three paintings a cross the street.