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My husband came in and said there’s a squirrel in the garage. I grabbed the camera and ran out. Yes, he still was there. He was on the floor licking something . After a while he went into the garden. He sat there looking, for I don’t know what. Then he skipped away. Cute one.

A Squirrel

 A squirrel under the garage roof where two years ago was baby sparrows. For the past two weeks I have seen birds fly in and out of there again. Either the squirrel  is building a nest of his own there or he ate the eggs if there were any.

Squirrel IMG_7305CSquirrel IMG_7304CSome of you may remember the baby sparrows from June 2017.Sparrows IMG_5669C

Sparrow and Squirrel

Spring and beginning of summer really are busy times for all the animals. The cute sparrow and squirrel really are working hard. There are several sparrows having their nests under the garage roof. We can hear there already are “babies”. When the parents bring them food they are loudly screaming for it. The squirrel I saw further down the road. He was actually waiting for a car to pass which made me nervously gasp for my breath. I was thinking don’t cross yet, don’t cross yet. Good he didn’t until the car passed. Also gave me the time to shoot the picture. I tried to take an other when he run over to the other side but he was too fast for me 🙂 Amazing how much they are able to carry in the beak and mouth.Sparrow Squirrel

Baby Squirrel

Baby squirrel img_4282cc

Baby squirrel img_4283cc
Yesterday and the day before when I was out raking the backyard I could hear a noise likesome small animal running on the roof. I was not able to see anything from where I was. So it was obvious that the animal was in the space between the tin roof and the inner roof. I told Leif there’s something. Of course the something didn’t move or make any sound when he was out there listening for it. Leif said don’t worry, it’s probably a bird. He said he’d seen them go in under the tin roof so his guess was they’d made their nest there. I was not convinced at all. I was worried it might be a mouse or many mice  or even worse a rat ! Then yesterday I heard the same noise coming from the tin roof of the woodshed. I looked out and at the same moment a tiny squirrel took a jump from the woodshed to the windowsill. He saw me and jumped back. I grabbed my camera and quietly went to shoot a couple of pics. I didn’t have to go too close as I zoomed in on him. I had not realized I left the patio door open and suddenly both cats were there. The poor little baby squirrel got scared and tried to climb up the brick wall but fell down right between the cats. Oh nooo ! I screamed as loud as possible. My screaming scared both the cats and the squirrel. The squirrel was able to get away and the cats looked at me in disappointment. I’m glad the baby squirrel was rescued by me screaming and able to run away. I hope he will not come back. Had it been a rat I gladly had let the cats catch him . . . or had I ?