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Spinach Soup

Spinach soup, pinaattikeitto, spenatsoppa 20180810_131254_HDRCOn Wednesday my childhood friend visited us. She brought us both spinach and carrots from her own garden. Thank you my friend ❤ Today I cooked fresh spinach soup for the first time in my entire life. Usually we buy deep frozen. Surprise, surprise, it was easy, quick and delicious 😉

Tomato Soup

tomato soup 20180803_135512_HDRCLast week I made both zucchini & carrot soup. Yesterday the tomato soup I mentioned in one of the two other soup posts. My husband said, OK, we can have tomato soup but I want some kind of meat in my portion. He got his soup with fried bacon cubes. Which he loved. I loved mine without the bacon.

Carrot Soup

20180727_131054_HDRC.jpgSecond time this week I made soup. On Monday it was Zucchini soup. Yesterday carrot soup. Or should I say carrot yellow pepper soup. The recipe said just carrots but as I happened to have yellow peppers in the fridge I added one. Yummy 🙂 

Very Warm . . .

With temperatures of about 30 Celsius I avoid going outdoors. I step out into the garden to water the plants and to see if there are any new flowers in bloom. The dahlias and the other one of the begonias are in bloom. On Sunday there was a butterfly on the top of some bushes in bloom. The bushes are tall and the butterfly kept staying high up on the top. I needed a chair the get into position to take some photos. It was a bit wobbly so I had to step down. Also the phlox is in bloom. Almost two weeks earlier than last year. On Monday on the way back home from the supermarket we stopped by the lake. Unfortunately there is a lot of algae. It’s such a pity because you can’t let your dog have a refreshing swim. Yesterday I made zucchini soup which I like but my husband doesn’t 😉 I wish it would not be this warm for too long anymore. There are a couple of events, in the near future, we have planned to attend. I’m afraid I will not be able to go if it’s still 30 C 😦