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Traditional Sailing Ships Day

Last week we visited Helsinki Market Square twice. On Thursday 11th at the Herring Market which ended on Saturday. Yesterday at the Traditional Sailing Ship Day. We went there early because I thought the ships would arrive into the harbor in the morning and I would be able to shoot nice photos. But, by the time we arrived, at about 9:00 am, all already were there. I suggested we go back there in the evening when they they leave but, my husband didn’t like the idea at all. So we didn’t. October so far has been warm and nice. Yesterday it was, for mid. October, an unusually warm, + 17 degrees Celsius, sunny day.

@ Forum Marinum Maritime Centre

On Friday 28th it was my husband’s birthday. For the fifth year in a row we have celebrated it by going to different places of his choice. This year he wanted to visit the Forum Marinum Maritime Centre in Åbo. It mostly was gray skies all day and a bit chilly. Good it didn’t rain. Not until late in the evening. Such a nice day. More photos tomorrow 🙂 

The Viewpoint & Old Borgå

After the art exhibition on Friday I wanted to go up to the viewpoint. My husband shook his head and said, no, no you go. I said it’s nice from up there. Why not come. We’ll make it step by step and if you find it too hard, turn back. We both made it all the way up 😀 After all that climbing 😉 we needed something to eat. We took a coffee break. After that I said let’s go up the hill to the church. This time I wasn’t able to talk him over. He went on his own and I climbed the hill. I was happy he didn’t go with me because it was pretty hard to walk the cobble hill and all the narrow alleyways and streets. It was a gorgeous day. Sunshine, blue skies, still about 25-26 degrees Celsius. As always I took way too many photos. But, after all, it’s my childhood home town which I love ❤

Laukko Manor

Yesterday we visited the Laukko Manor together with friends. Beautifully situated in Vesilahti. It is an about two hour drive from Helsinki. We stayed there for 7 hours. We strolled around in the beautiful garden, visited all the buildings on the estate that were open for visitors, enjoyed the outdoor concert and had both lunch and coffee there. It was a great day. Best of all, after the long period of temperatures between 28–33 degrees Celsius it was only 22 yesterday as is also today. The short rain shower right when the concert started didn’t even bother us 🙂

The below text is from the Laukko pages.

The written history of Laukko manor dates back to year 1416. The present neo-classic manor house was built in the 1930s. The estate reopened to the public in the summer of 2016, as the estate celebrates its 600th anniversary. For the first time, visitors can see the estate in its entire splendor. The visitors can now admire the main building’s unique collections of arts and antiquities and stroll in the estate’s vast gardens and grounds.”

From the Pandas to the”Kyläkauppa”

After we had had the good luck to see the other of the pandas awake we decided to drive by the largest department store, Kyläkauppa, in Finland. We were there in end of June 2007. The facade the looked different. It was in light yellow and white. The new Facade is in blue and yellow or should I say blue and gold. There is a RV park, a lot of fun things to do for kids and an amusement park plus much more. It has been so warm here. Also last Wednesday it was. We had the air conditioner on all the time. That’s probably why I got a terrible flue.  

@ Ähtäri Snow Panda House (11 photos and 1 video clip)

The pandas, named Lumi and Pyry, arrived Finland in the beginning of this year. Yesterday we went to Ähtäri where they live. It was a long drive. Back and forth 704 km. The pandas were sleeping when we arrived. There was a lot of people. Everyone waiting for them to wake up. I heard a mom tell her two young daughters, who had got tired of waiting, to stop complaining. She said we will stay here and and wait for as long as it takes because we have paid a lot of money for this. Exactly what I had told my husband when he a few minutes earlier had wanted to give up waiting 😀 Then, suddenly, the other one, Pyry, woke and went out doors. Everyone hurried outdoors. Pyry knew there was hidden treats. He climbed the climbing frame up and down and found several of them. Aren’t you happy we stayed I asked my husband. Of course he said, I told you we shouldwait, didn’t I. Hah-hah-haa, so typical of him. I didn’t want to correct him and tell him which one of us said to wait 😉

West Side Story

This year the Raseborg’s outdoor Summer theater is playing the musical West Side Story from 28.6. – 5.8.2018. I think I was about 16-17 years old when I saw the movie. It was so different from other musicals. A few weeks ago it was on TV. Of course I had to watch it. Last week I read in the paper Raseborg’s Summer theater is playing it. We were there yesterday. Very nice and nostalgic.


The murals on the walls of the silos in Kantola, Hämeenlinna IMG_3698CThe murals on the walls of the silos in Kantola, Hämeenlinna IMG_3697CThe murals on the walls of the silos in Kantola, Hämeenlinna 20170928_145137C

About three weeks ago, when we visited friends in Hämeenlinna, we together, went to look at the mural the Australian artist Guido van Helten just had started to paint. It already then looked fantastic. Our friends had told us he is now almost finished with painting. Yesterday on the way back from the automobil and road museum Mobilia in Kangasala via Hämeenlinna we again went there. The fog really was thick all day long. I thought it would be impossible to shoot any photos of the murals. Luckily right before in Hämeenlinna the fog disappeared. It still was gray but good enough visibility to shoot the murals. WOW ! He had finished two paintings and was working on a third one. They all are amazing, beautiful, breathtaking,huge, impressive . . .


Today we visited friends at their summer place. They told us there is going to be a huge mural on the wall of the Kantola silo not far away from them. The artist Guido van Helten already has started to paint it. Our friends said it’s not finished yet but if you are interested then let’s go see how it looks like at this stage. I actually have seen some pictures of his murals on the internet but to see him live high up there on the crane painting was breathtaking. I’m not sure how tall the silo is but I read in a paper the mural will be Scandinavia’s tallest one, 50 m tall. Amazing, beautiful. Dear friends, thank you for a great day and for taking us there.

Old Moskvich & Lamp Holders

Yesterday we celebrated the First of May at our friend’s summer cottage. It was a beautiful sunny day but, the wind was cold. So we stayed indoors. We had such a nice and lovely time there. Thank you for having us. On the way back home we decided to take a quick drive to down town Hämeenlinna market square to have a look at the First of May happening there. Too late. The event was over. All the people had left and the organizers packed their equipment. But, had we not gone there my husband had not seen the old Moskvich. He said, you have to take a picture of me and the car. My very first car was a Moskvich. It was exactly like this one.

As always in the car we were listening to the radio. There was a program about the rock band Kiss and the concert they are giving in Helsinki. They also mentioned the Helsinki Central railway station huge lamp holding statues that are now wearing Kiss masks painted by local fans. I said, let’s go there. I’d love to shoot some photos of them. OK, said hubby. I too want to see them. Guess what ! I wasn’t the only one there photographing 🙂 The masks will be removed the day after the concert.