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Goodbye Camper


Our camper 20190618_094846_HDRC

We have sold our camper. We bought our first (an old, used one) camper in September 2006. Canelo, our dog, was only 5 months when we made our first road trip to Lapland in the beginning of October. It was so nice. In spring 2010 we sold it and bought an other used one. But, after Canelo left us in March 2018 I just didn’t want to go out on the road anymore. Already last summer I suggested we sell the camper but, my husband didn’t want to. Now he too realized it was time to put it for sale. I’m happy we got it sold but, at the same time I feel a little bit sad. Thank you camper for all the wonderful road trips. Have many more with your new family.

The Road Trip

We made a road trip this week. An about 900 km drive. We were away for four days (three nights) It was nice 🙂  For more about the trip click Road Trips on the menu and scroll down to Pages, page 4.

Savonlinna Castle IMG_1739_1

Helsingfors-Klippan-Helsingfors April 14 to April 26

WOW ! It was so nice ! The weather was great ! Visiting “the cousin” was great ! Everything was so cool ! Dear “cousin” Britt, hubby & Kindie  . . . one more time THANK YOU !


First thing when we arrived I needed a haircut. So “cousin” Britt called her friend and I was lucky to be able to come right the way.


In the afternoon we went to Helsingborg to visit The Sofiero Castle and garden. They had opened for the season just a couple of days ago. Now there was plenty of tulips and narcissuses. Unfortuneatley we were there a little too early for all the rhododendrons. In the beginning Canelo thought it was fun but later he got bored.

This is a must cafeteria for people loving the 50’s. Hubby had read about in one of his car magazines so Britt took us there and I must admit it was pretty nice and some very good coffee and cookies. Of course hubby wanted to give the lady a kiss ! !

The next day we went to Helsingör in Denmark. Just had to take a picture with Canelo at the sign.

On the 18th we visited Britt’s husband’s childhood place where he was working for the day with some kind of water pipes, I think. We had coffee and sandwitches. Here are both Kindie and Canelo looking for something.

On the 19th we were in Hässleholm where was something hubby wanted to visit. You know all the old, rusty stuff for cars and motorcicles !

On the 21st we walked, as hubby said, his mother’s footsteps. Also his aunt was with us and we drove to see where hubby’s mom’s family had lived, where her grandparents had lived, where she had been to school etc.Even though I actually had been making the tour 2,5 years ago I still found it very interesting and I was soooo happy hubby had the chance to see the places

Here; “fika” brake.




An other tour in the neighborhood. This is a picture from the top of Söderåsen. A place called Kopparhatten. We criss crossed Söderåsen and hubby’s aunt was once again able to tell and show where the family had lived after they moved away from the first place.  

I think the nature will be very beautiful in the summer when the trees are green.

The text below is from the site :

“Söderåsen national park is located in the southeastern part of the ridge Söderåsen, just north of Röstånga. The main entrance to the park is at Skäralid, where there is a Naturum and restaurant at the pond Skärdammen. Around the pond is a path suited for wheelchairs. At Skäralid is a spectacular valley with steep slopes with stones. In the center of the valley is Skärån. Deciduous forest is domminating, e.g. beech forest. At several places are excellent views, e.g. Kopparhatten and Hjortsprånget. The parts close the pond have good tracks for walking, further up where valley split do the tracks become more difficult. Towards northwest is the valley with the brook Dejebäcken. At Liagården is a shelter and an unstaffed hut where one can stay overnight. The trail Skåneleden pass through the park. At Röstånga is the mysterious lake Odensjön. Between Röstånga and Skäralid is a good view at Uggleröd. There are many myths about the places, and there are several traces of human activities from the old days. Höjehall is the second highest point in Skåne, the highest is also on Söderåsen. On Höjehall is a watchtower.”

On Saturday evening at about 9 PM we were back home. It was wonderful to all in the family  be together again. Canelo and Quam were hugging . . . well it looked like they did.. We were happy the camper was ok.  Hopefully we will be able to  make an even longer tour next spring.

On The Road

June 27 Espoo – Yyteri – 258 km

Despite the heavy rain Wednesday morning we now decided to go. It was raining all day long so we did not stop in Pori as we had planned. We just drove to the Yyteri camping.

June 28 Yyteri – Vaasa – 258 km

The sky was still gray in the morning and it was drizzling. The Yyteri sandbanks and beach are wonderful but not very welcoming when raining. I walked down to the beach just to shoot a couple of pictures.

We decided to continue and took “the old” road by the coast. Soon the sun was shining and the views were beautiful. At about 10:30 AM we arrived to Kristinestad. A very lovely place. We stayed there for many hours. There are so many very old beautiful houses in the town. This is an alley I would not like to live on. In English something like The Cat Whipper’s Alley

In the afternoon we drove to Vaasa where we wanted to stay the night. What a night ! I woke up at about 1:30 AM to the sounds of cars and many people talking in an arguing way. I looked out and just next to us there were an ambulance and two/three police cars. I told Leif to wake up too and then we just sat there in the dark trying to figure out what had happened. I’m glad Canelo stayed calm and didn’t bark or want to go outdoors. At about 4:00 AM everything calmed down and we were able to still get some sleep for some hours. Leif asked at the reception in the morning what it was about but they said they were not allowed to tell. OK . . I can understand they were not but it kind of bothered us not to know.

June 29 Vaasa – Ähtäri – 261 km

We had planned to spend the day strolling around in Vaasa but we changed our plans to instead drive to the Replot island as we wanted both to experience the “new” bridge (there was no bridge before 1997) and also to enjoy the views in the Kvarken archipelago.

The day was warm and sunny and we had a wonderful time. In the afternoon we headed to “Tuurin kyläkauppa” a small village shop that has grown to be one of the biggest business and “must” place to see and visit also for tourists.

It now was about 6:30 PM so we looked up a nearby camping which was Ähtäri.

June 30 Ähtäri – Espoo – 350 km

In Ähtäri there is a Zoo for Finnish wild animals like elk, fox, wolf, lynx etc. The area is pretty huge. It’s situated in the woods. I sure would have liked to stay the day there but as Leif had not been able to go with me for such a long walk and neither could I had had Canelo with me we decided to actually go back home already. About half way home, on the motor way, when I was at the wheel I felt something happened. I told Leif, geeez . . something strange happened . . I looked out and saw in the mirror smoke coming from behind. I shouted OMG the cars on fire ! I managed to pull over and Leif got out and was reliefed the car was not on fire but we had got a flat tyre.

It was the first time in the 40 years I have been driving it happened to me. Luckily we had a spear tyre and the equipment with us so Leif was able to change the tyre.

I was a bit shaken and had Leif do the driving for the rest of the day. As always after staying a couple of days away, it is soooo nice to be back home.

Back From Our Tour

Well . . . we are back We did not go to Mariehamn but took the Archipelago Circle, Saariston rengastie.
Emme sitten tällä reissulla menneet Maariahaminaan vaan “tehtiin saariston rengas” josta olin kuullutkin joskus mutta mistä en tiennyt sen enempää. Kannatti. Oli nautinto. Vaikka säät enimmäkseen olivat harmaat ja vähän välillä piti pientä tihkua niin kävi todella tuuri kun pidimme taukoja niin aurinko paistoi. Sattui muuten ihan hullu juttu . . . tai siis Leifille tyypillinen. Leif veivasi mökkiauton markiisin täysillä ulos. Arvaten SE JUUTTUI ! Muut caravaanarit kävivät asiaa ihmettelemässä, yrittäen auttaa sekä antoivat nouvoja. Mikään ei auttanut ! Joten 3 tunnin puuhalstelun jälkeen Leif purkasi koko telineen ja viimeiseksi leikkasi markiisin irti. Kaikki heitettiin roskikseen ! Heh-heh-heh ! Sitä ollaankin tässä sitten naurettu aika lailla ja varmasti nauratti muilla siellä myös vaikkeivät meille sitä näyttäneet.
The weather was warm but the first two days were mostly gray and cloudy with some little rain by and by and we could see some lighting in the distance as well as hear the thunder. Nice thing was when we stopped for lunch in Nagu the sun was shining. We sat on the cafeteria’s terrace and enjoyed the lunch and views. We walked down to the harbour and found out we actually had been there before. It was about 15 years ago when we took an other tour on a ship named Klara. After about the 3 hours stoppe in Nagy we continued to Houtskär via Korpo and Norrskata. Norrskata acutally by mistake. I saw the ferry would leave in a couple of minutes so we justed drove aboard thinking it was the Houtskär ferry . . . but nope it went to and other island.
After just and just catching the last ferry for the day back to Korpo we were lucky to make it on the last one to Houtskär that evening. We arrived to the island Mossala “camping” where we stayed for two nights. It was nice. The next morning happened a crazy thing . . . actually pretty typical to Leif. Leif, for some reason, decided to roll out the camper’s marquess. IT GOT STOCKED ! Many of the other campers came over to try to help and give some good advice. After 3 hours of hard work it turned out there was nothing else to do than take the thing apart and cut the marquess off and throw everything away ! ! Heh-heh. Then we were already very hungry and wanted some lunch. We drove 16 km back to the little village Näsby. Once again . . . we were lucky as the sun was shining the time we spent there. We were having lunch in a restaurant down in the guest harbour. Next morning was wonderful. The sun shining from a clear blue sky. We took the 9 o’clock ferry to Iniö. It was a 50 min. tour so we had coffee on the ferry. After a short stop in Iniö we continued on the ferry Iniö-Gustavs. The archpelago was at it’s best really. Blue sky, blue sea. It was bautiful. Also the views from Gustavs via Villnäs-Nådendal to Åbo were beautiful.
Wishing You All A Wonderful Weekend !

Lappland Beginning Of October 2006

For about 40 years I have wanted to go to Lappland at “ruskatime”. Ruska is the finnish word for all the colourfull colours in the nature in the fall. We have ruska in the south of Finland too but the ruska in Lappland is even more bright colours than here, they say. Also it would be the first time spending the nights in our motor home. Canelo, of course, was with us. Our son was taking care of Quam and Quismo.
Our first stop we made in Mikkeli. It’s about 230 km from Helsinki. There was a flee market on the market place. Leif found a copper coffee pot he had been looking for already for a long time. He also bought a cain ! It’s a home made cain made of juniper. Then we had lunch & coffee in our camper.

We stayed the night at the camper’s camper “Alatalo” near Kuopio. Kuopio is about 400 km

from Helsinki.


The view when having morning coffee in the camper. It must be very beautiful here in the


All day long the sky was as gray ! Before arriving to Kuusamo where we camped we saw

the first snow for the season.

The next day we saw many, many reindeers. Couple of times standing right in the middle of
the road.
Hill up !
Hill down !
Rovaniemi, Napapiiri Saari-tuvat camping. At this time of the year there were not many
campers. Rovaniemi is about 840 km from Helsinki.
Hubby & camper.
I wish we had made the tour a week earlier as then the wether had been very nice with
sunny days. But despite all  . . . it was worth all the driving.
The colour looked so nice. It was like large carpets all over.
Hups . . . the date should read 4.10.2006 !
On our way back home we visted Cattery of Dunderkatten’s Norwegian Forest Cats. Quam comes from Dunderkatten’s. It was so nice to meet Monica and Julia (5) and their absolutely beautiful cats. Julia really found our camper nice and would have wanted us to stay the night so she could have stayed the night with us in the camper. We already had promised our son to be back late in the evening so we just hit the road and did the about 500 km drive. If I had know how hard it was I guess we had stayed. The rain was pouring down and it was DARK. But arriving at home way after midnight I was happy we were back. Quam, Quismo and son all also were happy to have us back home.