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Five Removed Teeth

As I mentioned in my posting of March 1 the veterinarian recommended us to take Quismo to a dental specialist.

Quismo Picture 349_1We took him there yesterday at 7:45 am. He stayed there till 6:30 pm. Unfortunately he had five bad teeth that all needed to be removed. I feel so bad to not been able to understand the situation. It must have been very painful for already quite a long time.

I worried about when and how he would be able to eat after the procedure. The vet said he probably wants to have something to eat as soon as we come home. She was right. Quismo was very hungry and had tuna for cats. For the next two weeks he’s on a softer diet. He loves dry food and is loudly meowing for it each time I am in the kitchen.

He is on pain medicine for three to five days. That he takes without any protest. But, the mouth wash, the “hyvänmakuinen suuvesi” he let me know is not hyvänmakuinen.

The instructions for the future says. Daily cleaning, brushing required. I guess I have to buy three brushes one for each Quam, Quismo and Canelo.

Canelo’s teeth also need checking. I’d love to take him right the way but we have to, for some time, recover from the recent costs.

New Litter Box

Finally, at last ! New hooded litter box 🙂 We bought it on Monday.

Both of our cats, Quam and Quismo, were very curious about what was going on when I took the old litter trays out and the new one in. I can tell the cats, at first, were not overjoyed about the new box at all. I don’t know what the problem was. Only thing I can think of is it’s dark inside ! I took the flip door off to let them get used to the box.

It is a very large box with enough of room to turn around. So far Quam let Quismo do his business there in privacy but when Quam goes in Quismo goes in too. Poor Quam. He does not want the company in there.

The cats are by now feeling much more confident so I put the flip door back. I’m happy. Now they are not able to throw the litter out from there. I wish I had bought one already long ago.

There’s one small thing I noticed, which I read about in the customer reviews as well, I’m not the only one with one of the clips that holds the lid on comes off every time i empty it.

Blueberry Pie / Quismo 9 years

Last night while listening to music on YouTube I was, as I’m very often, browsing the net for recipes. I really don’t do any just like reading them and watching the pictures. It’s the same thing as when I still subscribed to magazines. As soon as the magazine arrived I looked up the recipes. Yet I rarely did any of it. So yesterday I was looking for some more exotic fruit recipes. Just happened to see some recipes with blueberries. Yes, oh yes, it’s blueberry season. I started browsing for blueberry pie recipes. After reading many different ones I found this one on a blog called Emmas Kök. The pie is a huge one with lot of blueberries. Very yummy ! Tack Emma 🙂

My handsome Quismo is turning 9 today. Leif said it was good I made the pie to celebrate Quismo’s birthday 😉 Well, Quismo himself is happy enough with his daily dose of chicken. I was at the pet shop, in the morning, buying both cat litter and dry food for Canelo. The young girl asked how many cats have you. I told her we have two and that the other one is actually turning 9 today. Ooh, she said, look, here’s small toy for him for his birthday. How sweet of here 🙂 I gave Quismo his present while Canelo was on a walk with Leif. Quismo was happy and excited and liked to play with the toy. Then Canelo and Leif returned. Canelo got excited. Way too excited. He took the toy. In no time, sorry to tell but, the toy broke !


Our cats on afternoon nap. Oh how cute and cosy. I went to pick my camera and then  sneaked in close to shoot a picture. Of course they noticed I was there but they were too drowsy to open their eyes. When you see them sleeping side by side like this you would not believe how they sometimes get into fighting so hard that I have to go and get them apart.

Testing My New Digital Pocket Camera

My Olympus digital camera battery cover broke last week.  I found out repairing is pretty expensive. I read some photographers wrap a rubber band around to hold the cover close. That was what my husband also suggested. I tried but it was no good at all. The rubber band was not strong enough to keep the cover properly closed. The camera kept popping off.

After recovering from my disappointment I though why not buy a new one. After all, in three four years there are so many new and better cameras. I, actually, had complained about my  Olympus being too big for my hand bag. I told hubby this time I want a pocket camera.  After two days of surfing the net I found what I wanted. I bought a Canon PowerShot SX230 HS.

I have now been shooting test pictures. Both to find out about all the camera features and to find out about picture quality.  I told the cats if they pose they will get some extra tuna 🙂 Quam got tired of posing after just two or three pictures. Quismo who loves the tuna more stayed for a little longer.

I hid the thirty plates under the “smiley”

From what I can see I think the picture quality as at least as good as those shot with the Olympus.

Happy Birthday Quam !

Our wonderful, sweet, adorable Quam is turning 9 today.

Congratulations ! 

Here we are at the vet at 8:00 AM for the Fel-O-Vax IV Vet and  heart, teeth, ear check ups.  Probably not exactly Quam’s idea of birthday celebrating. Well, he’s OK as soon as we are there but he / they both hate the drive there. Luckily it’s only a less than 10 minute drive. The vet was very kind to let me shoot some pics and allowing me to have them on my blog.

Sigh . . .

I was so happy thinking Quismo was OK. Well . . . he was for a long time. His eyes looked great. He managed with only the Lubrithal drops for months. Unfortunately the virus flared up once again ! Even worse. Now both cats have it and need treatment for it.

Poor cats. They hate the trip (s) to the veterinary. They hate the drops and pills ! No matter how much I’m trying to, secretly, pick the pills and drops from the cabinet they are able to know it’s time for the medication. Day by day they are getting smarter and smarter at finding places to hide.

This is what they need now:

Oculac Roferon A 1 drop each eye 4 times/day/2 weeks

Oftan Akvakol 1 drop each eye 4 times/day/6 weeks

Famvir ½ pill twice/day/10 days

Lysin.hydrochlorid. 2 pills twice/day/for 3 months (hopefully not more than that)

Lubrithal 1 drop each eye 3 times/day probably for always

In the background a Royal Canin Cat Food Storage tin. Of several tins, this is my favorite one. I love the gray cat in the picture.

I’m afraid we have to postpone some of our road trips for this summer. Well, it’s OK. The cats’ health is the most important thing for the time being.

Our “Leopard”

Our Bengal Cat


I love this picture of him sitting there with the flower behind him.

I’m so happy his eyes are fine now. For the time being the eye disease is under control and let’s hope it will stay that way always.

Cyperus Zumula ! ! !

I am sooo damn angry and disappointed with myself for not checking out about the plant I bought in the flower shop the other day ! ! !

I went there to buy a wonderful light rosa begonia. Already paying for the begonia my eyes caught a green plant with a little sign in the pot. A cat pictured on it. I asked the woman what plant is this. Oh it’s cat grass she told me. Really, cat grass ? ! You mean it’s for your cat to eat like the oath or wheat ? ! She nodded and told me yes. WOW ! Yeah ! OK, I’ll just have one thank you !

Cyperus Zumula

The plant was on the windowsill for a couple of days. Neither of the cats showed any kind of interest in it. I was a bit confused as usually when they get oath or wheat they literally throw themselves over it. Yesterday I was in the kitchen when I saw Quismo eating of it. I was so pleased to see he liked the grass. Seconds later Quismo cried out loud, I mean really loud, for help and then he threw up. Oh my goodness, he was vomiting big time. Both my husband and I understood immediately that the grass is not for cats ! Eating oat or wheat never made none of our cats feel that bad.

I surfed the net and found out the plant certainly is not for cats. It’s now high up away from the cats. Today I will go to the pet store to buy them some delicious, healthy oat. Also I will pop into the flower shop to tell the woman the grass is highly toxic to cats and may cause liver damage. I’ll tell her to, please, please warn your customers about the “cat grass”.

I feel awful about this. I feel an idiot. The biggest fool on the planet. Quismo dear forgive me, love ya.

Small Tins of Cat Tuna/Chicken

Our cat Qusimo is still on Lysin.hydroclorid because of the Feline Ocular Herpes and he must have his two tablets/twice a day. The best way to give him the medicine is to crush the tablets in a mortal and mix into tuna or chicken. That is why I buy those small 80 gram tins of cat tuna and cat chicken in sauce. After all this time, allready six months, I today come to check out the ingredients and the nutrition of a tin.

Protein                   12.0%           Protein

Ash                         2.0%             Glödgningsrest

Fiber                       1.0%             Fiber

Fat                           0.3%            Fett

Moisture               86.0%           Fukt

 The suggestion is 3-6 Tins/day for an average size cat.

Both of our cats love this diet. I want to believe the quality is the best and that it is a healthy diet.But, a big BUT! Am I the only one to think it is expensive! One tiny tin of 80 gram is 0.99 euro. Have to mentioned this is in Finland.  How much tuna/chicken is there? Sorry but my honest opinion is that they are overpriced! There are of course other brands too that we have tried. It’s just a waste of money as our cats don’t eat any other than the one mentioned above.

OK, enough of me complaining for today 🙂

Kan inte låta bli att protestera lite grand. Det gäller kattmat i små plåtburkar på 80 gram. Tonfisk och kyckling. En burk kostar 0,99 euro. Visst finns det andra märken att välja mellan men burkarna som är dubbelt så stora och hälften billigare är åtminstone hos oss bortkastade pengar. Våra kattor äter inte av dom ! Så länge Quismo måste ha sin medicin som jag blandar med tonfisken och kycklingen så är jag nog tvungen att hålla mig till dessa dyra delikatesser. Hmmm . . .  är jag kanske den enda som tycker det är dyrt ? !