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Quismo ~ Favorite Pictures

I was heartbroken and crying for many days after we had to let our wonderful, adorable Quismo go to the kitty heaven. Now a little more than three weeks later I’m able to talk about him and watch pictures of him without bursting into crying uncontrollably. I’m so thankful and happy for the 12 wonderful years together with him. Some Bengals have a coat that is described as “glittered.” The fur shimmer in the light, as if it were tipped with gold dust. Quismo had a lot of this gold dust. When he sat on the patio the sun made him look gold. I many times tried to photograph the shimmer. I never got it right.  Here, one more time, some of my favorite pictures of him. Unfortunately I lost all the pictures of him, taken in the end of 2003 and beginning of 2004, when he was little due to a hard disk crashed down.

20040819 Quismo II eQuismo II Quismo IMG_0012C Quismo snarkar II Copy Quismo tittar ut C

Quismo’s Birthday !

Quismo our Bengal cat
Happy birthday dear Quismo ! 12 years today !Cat wand toy and catnip dropsHave fun with your birthday present.Our cats Ouismo and Quam Almost got it ! Should I jump ?Our cat QuamI got it, I got it ! Hurry, I’m holding on to it.Our cat QuamOh no, it got loose ! Go get it Quismo, get it !Quismo our Bengal catA little bit lower and I am catching it 🙂

Both cats love the toy. We have had several wands. Usually they don’t last for very long. I should have known Quismo would not like the catnip drops. He has never been a fan of catnip toys. Quam on the other hand love them so it was no surprise he would love the drops.


Quismo napping on his fav spot, on the backrest of the sofa. The pet blanket is from Lidl. I bought three of them, that was already some time ago.  One each, Quam, Quismo and Canelo. The cats’ blankets have cat pattern. Canelo’s blanket has dog pattern.  As soon as I had bought them I was concerned about wasting my money for nothing. What if the cats wouldn’t like the blankets. They can be very picky about what they want or not. To my relief they accepted them. Much less hair on the sofas now and easy to clean.

Quismo, bengal cat IMG_7597C

Quismo, bengal cat IMG_7599C

Get well Soonest Quismo

Poor thing, he has problem urinating. Before we realized what was wrong he urinated twice on the chair cushion, the sofa, in both his and Quam’s bed. Ufff, that was a lot to wash. Luckily we soon understood it was his way to tell us he was not feeling well and that it hurt to urinate. At the veterinary clinic they took blood tests and made ultrasound examination. There were no stones but the vet said he could see some crystals.

Now he is on Loxicom 0,5 mg/ml for 5-7 days and Therios 75 mg for 10 days. The medication makes him vomit. Uhhh, he vomits a lot. Always on a rug. Why do cats always vomit on rugs ? I have now washed two rags. Here’s Quismo inspecting the result of the other one. I think he approved it.

Dear Quismo, get well soonest ! ❤
Quismo IMG_7389C

Quismo 11 Years

Our adorable, gorgeous Bengal cat Quismo turned eleven on Friday 18th. We all kissed and hugged him and he had en extra meal of chicken. He loves chicken. We were very busy on Friday so I totally forgot to take pictures of him as I had planned to do. Love you Quismo ❤
Our Bengal Cat Quismo IMG_4566COur Bengal Cat Quismo img_4569cc


Quismo I very much would appreciate you not sneaking around behind the TV. I am afraid you mess the internet connection or the antenna or some of the other things. There are way too many cords and wires . . .

Quismo img_4984cc

What are you talking about ! Have I ever ?

No Night Frost Yet

Already one week into the fall. The weather’s still so nice. The days are as in early summer. Warm and sunny. I have been a bit worried about my flowers as the nights have been quite chilly so I checked the weather forecast for the next two weeks and am happy to find out the nigh temperatures still will stay above zero.

Good no frost during the nights yet. I will let the flower pots stay on the terrace for another two weeks or so before taking them in for the winter.





China Pinks Sommarnejlika

Quam and Quismo

Quam and Quismo

In the morning yesterday I was at my computer, as every morning, headset on listening to music, checking e-mails, Facebook, blog (s), news headlines etc,  when I heard Leif calling from the kitchen. Come take a pic of the cats.  At first I said no I will not but he insisted. Okay then. Oh, there both my boys were sitting close to each other using the heat from the dishwasher to warm their butts awaiting to have their morning meal.

As we, April 1, switched to summer time/daylight saving time I definitely think it’s spring so I turned off the electric warming system. Yes, I do admit Is was a bit chilly. Only fifteen degrees Celsius in the morning. Till the outdoor temperature, in one or two weeks, will be warm enough , I’m sure we will manage well by only using the fireplace.