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Quam ~ Favorite Pictures

To have to let Quismo go to kitty heaven was hard but that Quam too left us only six months later has been indescribable hard. Quam was such a kind, gentle cat. He loved everyone. I’m so thankful for the 13 wonderful years we had together. I miss him so much, I miss them both so much. Here, one more time, some of my favorite pictures of him.

Quam IMG_0142C_1Quam PICT0234CCQuam 4 foton CQuam 4 pics CQuam II

We Miss Our Quam

Today is one sad, sad day. Our adorable and beloved Norwegian Forest Cat Quam left us today. We miss him so much. I can’t stop crying.

Rest in peace dear Quam. You will always be in our hearts ❤ ❤ ❤

The only consolation is that they both, Quam and Quismo, are together again where no more pain of any kind.The pictures are from 2004 Jan 25 on his one year birthday.

Our Norwegian forsest cat Quam  P0131C QuamOur Norwegian forsest cat Quam P0133C  Quam

At The Vet – Again

We were at the vet with Quam in February  because we thought there might be something wrong with his left upper fang because his lip looked swollen and he didn’t want to have any dry food at all. Also we noticed he had problem eating wet food. The vet told us the fang is healthy. Only it always has been in the wrong position which during the years has worsened. He suspected there might be an inflammation and gave us a prescription forantibiotics and pain killer. He said come back if he after some weeks still does not eat well. Yesterday we were back there.  After he took a x-ray he said there is a molar which never erupted  which is needs to be surgically removed. We left Quam there. They would call us when to pick him up. When back home Quam was so hungry. He looked at me and at the empty bowl. I had to explain that you cannot have anything until later. Despite the stitches he ate a lot later in the evening. So happy the bad tooth is away and all the teeth cleaned from tartar.

New House Plants

Last week I bought new Saintpaulias (pink) as the 6 year old Saintpaulias (blue) look miserable. I also bought 3 green plants. I’m not sure about the names in English as there were no name tags on them but after looking up on google I think they are Ferns and Spider Plant. In the last picture the curious house cat Quam 🙂Saintpaulias
Fern, ormbunke, saniainen
Spider plant, vattenlilja, rönsyliljaSaintpaulias, ferns, spider plant
Our Quam

“Meiän sohvanvaltaajat”

We have two sofas and they are exactly identical. For some reason everyone loves this one. I love to watch TV from this one. Sitting or laying down on the other one gives me a bad, stiff, hurting neck as I have to turn my head in the same direction for hours. But guess what, yup right, I sit on the other one. Well, I don’t have the heart to tell my cutie patooties to jump down. I’m so happy and lucky to have them. Not long ago there were three of them.
Canelo and Quam IMG_0475C

Christmas 2015

Quam IMG_0419CCQuam IMG_0444CQuam IMG_0445B
Quam with his two Christmas presents. While I took the pictures he kept pushing the carrot off the climbing tower. Good work out for me to pick them up. Canelo also received two toys. Stuffed ones. He was so happy and so excited. After about twenty minutes he had them ripped up and all the white stuff all over the floor.  Short but intense happiness 😀

I hope you all had a nice Christmas. We had an enjoyable, peaceful one. It would have been nice with a white Christmas but down here, in the south of Finland, where we live there is now snow. Good thing is after the rainy days it’s not been raining during Christmas days. The evenings have been beautiful with clear dark blue starry skies with bright moonlight. Yesterday it was a full moon. I read in the paper in the morning it’s 40 years since there was a full moon on Christmas Day last.

The winter solstice was on Tuesday December 22nd which means it was the shortest day and the longest night of the year. Yay ! The days will, little by little in the beginning, get longer. Love it !

Quismo’s Birthday !

Quismo our Bengal cat
Happy birthday dear Quismo ! 12 years today !Cat wand toy and catnip dropsHave fun with your birthday present.Our cats Ouismo and Quam Almost got it ! Should I jump ?Our cat QuamI got it, I got it ! Hurry, I’m holding on to it.Our cat QuamOh no, it got loose ! Go get it Quismo, get it !Quismo our Bengal catA little bit lower and I am catching it 🙂

Both cats love the toy. We have had several wands. Usually they don’t last for very long. I should have known Quismo would not like the catnip drops. He has never been a fan of catnip toys. Quam on the other hand love them so it was no surprise he would love the drops.


The last few days have been cloudy, gray, drizzling. There’s not been much to inspire me to take any pictures. I’ve been browsing through my albums today. Not exactly to find anything to post but more to recall the summer. Then I saw these three pictures of Quam which I took in the end of September. Why not post them. To me he is so cute, so irresistible. I didn’t want to disturb him but couldn’t resist shooting a couple of pictures of him sitting there on the terrace enjoying the last sun rays of the day. He is so relaxed. There is nothing that distracts him. To me it looks like he is meditating. I think he didn’t even notice me photographing 🙂Quam our Norwegian Forest cat Norsk skogkatt p9200328CC Quam our Norwegian Forest cat Norsk skogkatt OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Quam our Norwegian Forest cat Norsk skogkatt p9200331CC