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Summer Squash ~ Zucchini

In the end of the spring, beginning of the summer my friend gave me two summer squash plants. For a long time nothing happened. It very much looked the plants had stopped growing. Then suddenly the leaves were huge and not long ago there was the first flower. A large, yellow flower. In a couple of days we were able to see there would be a summer squash. The other day there was two of them, big enough to pick and use. Yay, my first summer squashes ūüėÄ Thank you my friend ūüôā I made a summer squash cauliflower gratin. I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of it. Well, next time because there will be many more of them very soon.

summer squash, zucchini, kesäkurpitsa

Two New Plants & Meeting With Cousins

I now have one¬† Mother in Law‚Äôs Cushion (Echinocactus grusonii) of my own ūüôā I was at the flower shop yesterday to buy flowers for to give to my cousin as I visited her yesterday. I saw these Mother in Law‚Äôs Cushion plants in the window. 8 ‚ā¨ ! Last week or was it the week before I bought 3 green plants for 5,90. ¬†I didn’t take me many seconds to decide to buy it ūüôā After all eight euro is not that much.¬†Mother in Law‚Äôs Cushion (Echinocactus grusonii)Mother in Law‚Äôs Cushion (Echinocactus grusonii)

Today at Citymarket they had plenty Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis). ¬†I saw most people had one or two plants in their shopping trolley. I looked at the price. Only 1.50. I took one. The Rosemary is not a herb I’m used to. If I’m not going to use it for seasoning¬†it still looks so nice on my kitchen counter.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)

Yesterday I was visiting my cousin living in Borg√•. We actually don’t meet very often. Last time was 7 years ago. She arranged a cousin reunion for four of us. We are about the same age. I’m the youngest, 70 and the others 71,73 and 74. The other two I have not seen for a long. long time. It was such a nice day. We also looked through old photos. There was one with us all four taken in early 1950’s. I had no idea I was in the picture as I can’t even recall the event. But they all were 100% sure about it. ¬†Looking closer I had to agree they are right. It’s me to the right ūüôā¬†The cousins in early 1950's IMG_0843C

New House Plants

Last week I bought new Saintpaulias (pink) as the 6 year old Saintpaulias (blue) look miserable. I also bought 3 green plants. I’m not sure about the names in English as there were no name tags on¬†them but after looking up on google I think they are Ferns and Spider Plant. In the last picture the curious house cat Quam ūüôāSaintpaulias
Fern, ormbunke, saniainen
Spider plant, vattenlilja, rönsyliljaSaintpaulias, ferns, spider plant
Our Quam

Lense Attack

I’m eagerly, every morning, checking for any signs of day lilies to get flower stems. No stems yet. Thumbs up there will be many. Today my eye caught a¬†beetle on ¬†a¬†chive¬†flower. I was super quick back inside to get my camera. Beetle on chive flower I don’t know what he’s doing. Is he a flower munching beetle or is he setting eggs or is the black spot poop. It’s okay if he munches the chives but I hope he will leave my lilies untouched. Beetle on chive flower I could see the lense annoyed him because he¬†started to crawl away. Beetle on chive flower It looked like he decided to escape, leave the field. Beetle on chive flower But, NO ! He turned around. Showing me his most scary, most mean face. Leave me alone or . . . Beetle on chive flower I warned you ! Now I’m gonna get you. This is my best attack position. Beetle on chive flower Arrrgh ! Beetle on chive flower Oops, he collided¬†the lense ! What happened to him. I was not able to find him after the last picture. Maybe he fainted or then he was able still to fly away. Good thing is the lense is fine. ¬†Sorry beetle, sorry. I hope you are fine.

Yuk ! Lily Bugs, Stink Bugs !

This summer the lily bugs hit hard. There has been so many of them. They practically destroyed all the lilies on the front yard. It’s a pity as they actually are both colorful and beautiful.

Lily bug p8150217c

Lily Bug

The picture of the red lily bug isn’t sharp enough because I had to hurry as these bugs are super quick to drop themselves and hide.¬†

Stink bug p8290249cc

Stink Bug

Today I saw an other kind of bug. A black/orange one. He was on the other side of the house, in the Day Lily flower bed.¬†The stink bug, on the other hand, was in no hurry. Or maybe he tried to fool me by not moving. Making me believe he was dead or invisible. I took a couple of pictures.Then grabbed him with a plastic bag, turned the bag inside out and stomped on it. Ugh, I don’t like to do it but, had to, after all the damage they do to my flowers.

Watch up all beetles ! Stay away from my garden !¬†Don’t touch my flowers ! Next summer I’ll fight you hard !

New Dahlia

Dahlia Fire and Ice
Our friends gave us a bag of three dahlia tubers in the spring. The packaging label says ¬†‘Fire and Ice’. ¬†I was afraid I had planted them upside down as it took very long before I was able to see anything growing in the pot.¬†I have looking forward to see if they match the picture.

Now my ‘Fire and Ice’ is in bloom. It is very different from the picture . More fire than ice. The flowers are very beautiful. I have looked for images on the net and found some pictures that look like my flowers. They call them Anemone Dahlia. I think that is what mine is.
Dahlia img_7189cc
There will be many, many flowers. Here is the first one in bloom.
Dahlia IMG_7211CC
Isn’t it very much like anemones or what ?
Dahlia p7260035cc
Fire yes, ice no. No matter what, I love it. I hope it will stay with us many years to come

The First Ripe Tomato

In the middle of May I bought a tomato plant. It’s years since I had tomato plants. At one point I had 10 plants. They gave plenty of tomatoes. We had tomatoes at every meal. In the end of the summer there still was so many green tomatoes that we had to pick them and take them indoor before the frost.¬†Some of them we put on a tray to turn red and ripen. Of the rest of them my husband made pickled green tomatoes.

Tomatoes are cheap to buy in the summer time. Yesterday I bought plenty as they were only 0,99 euro / kilogram. So why grow¬†plants? Well, because it’s so nice picking a shiny, red, sun ¬†warm tomato from your own garden or your own patio. Also they taste better. Don’t they ? Perhaps I will have more plants than just one next summer.
Tomato img_7145cc

Tomato IMG_7150C