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Strawberry Plant

I bought this strawberry plant some time ago. I know one plant does not give many berries but the plant looks nice. Now the berries begin to ripen. So, there is going to be a few ones for us each. Today when I surfed the internet I saw this cute strawberry shaped pot. It would be a cool, cute thing to have.

The plant and pot to the right are not mine. I shot the photo from my computer screen for you to see what I mean. If I sometime, somewhere happen to see one I will buy one.

Green Plants

We have three indoor green plants. They are quite new. I think we bought one in the end of last year and the two others in the beginning of this year. I hope they will last for a long time and that I have got the names right 🙂

Asplenicum nidus Crispy Wave IMG_8939CAsplenicum nidus Crispy Wave, Pleated Bird’s fern nest, PesĂ€raunioinen, FĂ„gelbobrĂ€ken.Spatiphyllum, Peace Lily, Viirivehka, Fredskalla IMG_8934CSpatiphyllum, Peace Lily, Viirivehka, FredskallaDieffenbachia seguine, Dumbcane, Kirjovehka, Prickblad IMG_8937CDieffenbachia seguine, Dumbcane, Kirjovehka, Prickblad

Dear friends, in these times, stay safe.

New Herb Bench – Jacky – Chive

New her bench 20190606_091803_HDRCToday I planted a tomato, a red pepper and a basil plant into the new wooden frame. It’s small, but there’s still room for some more herbs.  The one tomato is just for fun to get a few tomatoes. I had way too many last year.  Soon I will plant some more red pepper plants and also some oregano plants. Jacky 20190606_082622_HDRCLook how happy Jacky is when I gave him a tour in the wheelbarrow.chive in bloomThe chive is in bloom. My longtime favorite flower to photograph.

First Snow . . .

It was snowing yesterday. Not much but, enough to make it a bit slippery here and there. There still is some snow on the ground today but, tomorrow it’s going to rain and it will all be gone. Who knows when it will snow next time. I wish it will be for Christmas.


Two different kinds of tomatoes. The ones to the left are grown from seeds in a mini greenhouse I bought from Lidl in beginning/middle of March. The label says “lycopersicon esculentum marmande” At some point I was tempted to give up on them. But, didn’t. Now there are many green ones. In the other bucket are plants also bought from Lidl sometimes in the beginning of April. I forgot to read the label and have no idea what they are called. To me they look like regular tomatoes. Tomatoes I’m used to.

The Thistle Plant

Guess what ! Yes, the thistle still is, saved by my husband, in the daylily flower bench. I wanted it away but he said let’s wait till it has flowered. I have to say the plant is decorative. And, bye the way, the creepy creeps have disappeared. Yay 🙂 I’m so excited for it to soon blossom in full bloom. Looking forward to then shoot more photos. I added a new category “thistle, thistles”. Makes it easier to look for the posts of it (and maybe later also other thistles)

Creepy Creeps

Creeps on thistleCreeps on thistleI went to look for the caterpillar on the thistle plant. Yes, it’s still there. There also was a spider so I took a couple of photos. When editing I wondered what are those tiny black spots. I cropped it. Eeeek ! They are tiny creepy creeps. I know, they are so small but, I’m a wimp and the smaller a thing the more creepy to me. I told my husband to have the plant removed today. Anyway, the plant didn’t even belong in my day lily bench. Bye plant, bye tiny creepy insects.

Bumblebee & Caterpillar

Bumblebee on pink thistleBumblebee on pink thistleI was photographing pink thistles yesterday when a bumblebee landed on one of them. Great color hair. It looks so soft I almost wanted to touch it.

ThistleThistle/BurdockThistle/Burdock/caterpillarI have been looking forward to see what kind and color the flowers of the “huge thistle” in my flower bench will look like. The plant now is about 130 cm tall and the “flowers” look like burdock. I took some photos and was about to leave when I saw this beautiful green/white with a bit of yellow caterpillar. He was eating the leaves and had already had plenty of them.