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Little bit of snow

Pitkään aikaan, ehkä pariin viikkoon, en ole ottanut yhtään kuvia. Eilen ja yöllä sataneet uudet lumet tekivät maisemista aivan lumovan kauniita. Canelon kanssa päivälenkillä olikin sitten kamera mukana. Muutaman kuvan jälkeen patterit olivat tyhjät ! On kieltämättä sattunut liiankin usein viime aikoina. Eiku opiksi ja lataukseen useammin tai sitten hankkimaan ihan uudet. Tässä päivän kuvasaldo 🙂

For same days there already has been a some snow. Yesterday was snowing some more. The nature is beautiful now. Haven’t been shooting any pictures for a while now so today when walking Canelo I grabbed the camera with me. After a couple of pictures the batteries run empty.  I unfortunately do forget charging them often now a days 😦

I say this amount of snow is the perfect amount. Last year and the year before there was crazy much snow here.

Åååh va skönt att det äntligen är vinter. Efter gårdagens och nattens snöfall är hela “världen” underbart vacker. Här är väl ca 10 cm snö nu vilket för min del räcker mer än väl efter förra årenas helt galna mängder. Ute med Canelo i dag skulle jag fota några bilder av trädena som är sååå sagolikt vackra. Efter bara några bilder tog batteriet slut vilket tyvärr hänt mig alltför ofta den senaste tiden. Jag får skärpa mig och komma ihåg att ladda dem oftare.  Så det blev bara några bilder på strån denna gång 🙂

Viola arvensis

Yesterday when on the way to the dog park I thought I saw some more anemone nemorosas. Having a closer look the flower was not the anemone nemorosa but a viola arvensis. What on earth ! Are all the spring flowers going nuts ? No, not this one.

I checked about the flower on google and found out the time for blooming is from April to October. I think that here in the south of Finland they normally bloom till september or so. But, of course, the fall being this warm it’s no wonder they go on flowering. If the weather continues the same the viola arvensis will still bloom at Christmas.    

Father’s Day ~ Anemone nemorosa

Happy Father’s Day !

As mentioned in my post of thursday November 10 the fall is exceptionally warm. Three weeks ago we were very surprised to see this spring flower in bloom.  Normally they are in bloom for Mother’s Day in May.

Anemone nemorosa ~Valkovuokko ~ Vitsippa

I was out for a walk with Canelo in the morning. I saw something white. I looked closer. No way ! Amazing ! Some more Anemone nemorosa flowers. On the same place where I spotted the one three weeks ago. Oh poor things ! They think the spring is here. First time in my life time when there are Anemone nemorosas for Father’s Day.

Anemone nemorosa ~Valkovuokko ~ Vitsippa

I can’t but wonder . . . will I be able to find some also in December 🙂


Don’t they look like they are from another time ? Like some thousands of years ago.   Good thing is they are only about 3 – 5 – 8 cm. Would not want to meet one if it were the size of a mouse or cat or dog or horse or, oh my goodness, an elephant . . .  I don’t know why I find them interesting. There’s something about them that mesmerize me. Anyway, they are sooo easy to take pictures of. They don’t run or fly away 🙂


Parasol Mushroom (Macrolepiota procera) or Lepiota brunneoincarnat  ? ? ?

Either the one or the other or maybe neither !

The hat/cap/parasol is huge. About 30 cm in diameter.

Every summer these mushrooms pop up in the very same place. Last summer a whole a family. Mom, pa and three kids 🙂 I guess the kids have moved 😉