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New Lenses / Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum IMG_7987CChrysanthemum IMG_8000CChrysanthemum IMG_8003CChrysanthemum IMG_8074COn Saturday, after we visited the art museum we went to the flea market across the street. Just to stroll around, not to buy anything. I saw a man selling two Canon lenses. I have two lenses which are 18-55mm and 90-300mm. He had two. The other one 28-80mm and the other 75-300mm. He didn’t ask too much for them (in my opinion) so I bought both. I have so far photographed using the 28-80mm. The three first photos are taken with the 28-80mm. The last one with the 18-55mm. I found it hard to see which is which. I wonder do I really need them. Maybe it was not a good idea to buy them. Perhaps I will, after all, sell them. 

Photo Album 2017

Finally my 2017 photos are in a slip in photo album. I’m happy I have photos, starting 2010, in the old fashion way, in real albums and not only on my computer. I said to my husband that of all the of the hundreds photos I shoot per year I will choose only 200 per year. Good thing is the paper photos are not as expensive anymore as they were in 2001 when I bought my first digital camera. In 2016 it was so difficult to choose only 200 so I ended up ordering 300. And guess what ! I just had to have 300 photos for my 2017 album too 😀 But, that’s the limit. There is not going to be 400 for 2018. We, of course, have several albums with photos from the time back to when we met and married. But, I wish I had arranged all our photos into albums. There are many boxes with photos. Maybe I some day will have the energy to arrange them.

Photographing test

Although I have three digital cameras and in practice always have one or more with me wherever I go, it happens that sometimes I was using my phone camera. A couple of weeks ago I bought a new phone. This new phone has a better camera than the old one. I already have taken quite many photos to test and get used to the camera. Here are three photos I took of Jacky yesterday. He was sleeping but, of course woke. I was testing shooting without a flash in the evening when there is less light. Not bad, but I still need to learn more about settings and etc. I guess I will continue to carry one or more of my cameras with me practically all the time wherever I go 😉