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A Day In Tampere (part one)

Such a beautiful fall day to spend with friends in Tampere. Tampere is situated about 170 km north of Helsinki. We went there by bus. We walked to Kulttuuritalo Laikku (Old Library, Culture House) where we enjoyed a cup of coffee before we visited the three different events held there. The exhibition “Fragile” by Hanna Oinonen, the Contemporary Jewellery KORU6 exhibition and an about 30 minute ethno concert. Performers accordion Viivi Maria Saarenkylä. Hilda Länsman, joiku = montone chant sung by lapps. 

@ the Maritime Museums

Here are some more photos from our tour to Turku/Åbo last Friday. There was a lot to see both at the Maritime museum and the ship S/S Bore. Bore nowadays is both a hostel and museum. The climb all the many, steep, narrow steps up to the museum part was pretty exhausting. But worth it. The view from the command bridge over Aura river is nice. When editing the photos at home I saw I unfortunately had cut the jib boom and the main mast when photographing the ship model of Herzogin Cecilie. A ship my father in law sailed in the end of the 20’s beginning of the 30’s.

@ Forum Marinum Maritime Centre

On Friday 28th it was my husband’s birthday. For the fifth year in a row we have celebrated it by going to different places of his choice. This year he wanted to visit the Forum Marinum Maritime Centre in Åbo. It mostly was gray skies all day and a bit chilly. Good it didn’t rain. Not until late in the evening. Such a nice day. More photos tomorrow 🙂 

Laukko Manor

Yesterday we visited the Laukko Manor together with friends. Beautifully situated in Vesilahti. It is an about two hour drive from Helsinki. We stayed there for 7 hours. We strolled around in the beautiful garden, visited all the buildings on the estate that were open for visitors, enjoyed the outdoor concert and had both lunch and coffee there. It was a great day. Best of all, after the long period of temperatures between 28–33 degrees Celsius it was only 22 yesterday as is also today. The short rain shower right when the concert started didn’t even bother us 🙂

The below text is from the Laukko pages.

The written history of Laukko manor dates back to year 1416. The present neo-classic manor house was built in the 1930s. The estate reopened to the public in the summer of 2016, as the estate celebrates its 600th anniversary. For the first time, visitors can see the estate in its entire splendor. The visitors can now admire the main building’s unique collections of arts and antiquities and stroll in the estate’s vast gardens and grounds.”

The Sinebrychoff Art Museum

On Saturday we went to the Sinebrychoff Art Museum. The exhibition the Lure of Italy and the Orient – paintings by Ippolito Caffi ineterested us. The office and home museum of the Sinebrychoff brewing family on the second floor also was very interesting as was the exhibition the Speaking Ruins by the graphic master Piranesi in the Red Cellar. Outside on the sidewalk, on two metal boxes for electrical wires, someone painted these beautiful birds.


Riihimäki Museums

Yesterday I was in Riihimäki together with friends. We visited three museums. Riihimäki Art Museum, The Finnish Glass Museum and the Historical Museum.

As you can see, it was a such a beautiful crispy sunny winter day. Look at the gorgeous, friendly, cuddly cat we met near the Glass Museum. He would have loved us to stay longer to pet him. I think he too enjoyed the lovely winter day. We walked from the railway station to all the different museums. Even if we took a taxi from the Glass Museum to the last museum, the Historical Museum, there was not much time for the visit there. On the way back home I wish I could have stopped the train to take photos of the most gorgeous sunset in a long time. I tried to shoot through the window but the train run too fast.

@ Ateneum Art Museum

Yesterday we visited the art museum Ateneum in Helsinki. We had planned to go there ever since The Von Wright Brothers and the Treasures From The National Gallery Of Duckenburg exhibitions opened in the end of October last year. Yesterday was the perfect time to go there because my husband had to take care of an errand nearby and it was a gorgeous, sunny day. I have, of course, seen pictures of both the von Wrights and the Duckenbergs in magazines, newspapers and on the internet but it’s not the same as to see the original paintings. I have always liked the von Wrights brothers’ paintings. Especially the birds and animals. But, all the others, still lifes, botanical themes, landscapes, wintry landscapes, portraits, drawings etc they all are fantastic. Also the paintings and drawings from different places in Helsinki showing how different the life was in the 1800’s was fascinating. There was quite many visitors. Photographing allowed without flash.

Snapshots from the exhibition + one of the Atenemum and some other buildings surrounding the railway station square.

By the way, good we went there yesterday because, today is a snowstorm ! Meteorologists say it will cause traffic jams.

Old Cars

A week ago, last Thursday, before we went to take photos of the murals we visited the automobile and road museum Mobilia in Kangasala. It had been on our bucket list already for years. We once, about 20 years ago, went there just to fin out it was closed. There was many cars, all kind of cars. I liked the rally cars from the 60’s and 70’s. Cars like Cortina, Escort, Mini and Volkswagen 1500. It was interesting and nostalgic to see and read about both the cars and the drivers. I was pretty interested in rally back then but not so much anymore. Now I’m a huge Formula 1 fan. It is an about 150 km drive from where we live. In the morning the fog was very thick. When we were ready to drive back at about 2 pm, via Hämeenlinna, the fog still was thick, almost like milk. Luckily just some 10 minutes before Hämeenlinna it disappeared.

Turku Castle

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On Saturday I visited Turku Castle with friends. It was on my list of places to visit for a very long time. Turku is 170 km away from Helsinki. By train about two hours. It was quite a walk from the railway station. We walked both ways. At the castle we took a one hour guided tour. It took us around in the main building. It was very interesting to learn so much of the history of the castle. After the guided tour we spent one more hour to walk in the museum parts. My feet and legs hurt the next day. There are so many steps to climb in the castle. Many of them very steep, high and narrow.

There were many visitors so it was not easy to take pictures nor was it allowed to use the flash. The pictures are what they are.

Nowadays you may rent facilities for meetings, conferences, weddings, dinners etc. We easily could have spent much more time in the castle but had to leave to have time for lunch. Panimoravintola Koulu is a Finnish Brewery restaurant. It is situated in a former school building from 1889. Nice place, good food. It was a gorgeous, beautiful autumn day ! Thanks my friends for all the hilarious discussions and laughter.

If you ever visit Turku I warmly recommend visiting the castle. Meanwhile, for more, visit the website