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New Roof

After, I can’t remember, for how long, for how many years our roof leaked when bad weather with strong winds and rain pouring down. I wrote about it my posting in September 2012. It certainly was not the first time it leaked but this time we had to put a bucket in the living room. We temporary fixed it using strong tape. The tape didn’t last for long. Every fall and spring we needed more and stronger tape. We knew we’d have to have it repaired sooner or later. Sooner would have been fine but as we knew it is expensive we always felt we needed to postpone it, awaiting for better times to come. We still might be waiting but about a month ago a man came by and introduced himself. A salesman from a roofer company. He inspected the condition of the roof and gave us an offer.

As we wanted to have something to compare to.  We contacted an other roofer and asked them for an offer. The offers were similar, almost identical. But, the new offer was clearly cheaper. I was still hesitating a little to sign the contract but was soon convinced. Now or never. The best thing is to, as soon as possible, before the next time it would rain cats and dogs have it done and over.

The contract said the repair would take 1-2 days. We were a bit skeptical and thought a week probably would be closer to the truth. On Tuesday morning, September 30 at 7:30 am they arrived. In the afternoon at 4:00 pm they left. The contract said the repair would take 1-2 days. We went outdoors to see how much they had done. Gosh that was super fast ! We were, as our neighbors too, blown away by how quickly the work was done. Only a few last details to finish the next day. On Wednesday, in four hours everything was ready and the yard cleaned up.  Wow ! A new roof in practically one day. Well, one and a half. Less than two days 😀 Like in Extreme Makeover: Home edition, a new home in one week 🙂

After 25 years our old roof looked terrible, so worn out, you could hardly tell what color it once was. The new roof looks so good. I hope it will last at least for as long 😉 And I’m sure there will be no more leaks. We are pleased and satisfied. Thank you team Antti at Hämeen Laaturemontti, well done 🙂roof repair IMG_7956C roof repair IMG_7961C new roof IMG_7975C new roof IMG_7977C

My Sister Riding Her Horse “Mortti”

My sister bought a horse, Mortti, in 2011. It must have been in the fall as I remember I said we will come to see her riding in the spring. Now three springs later, we today went there. What a wonderful summer day to visit the country side. She has rented a place where she is keeping him. It’s just about a 15 minute drive from her city apartment. She had been riding already early in the morning. Good for her and the horse as by the time we arrived it was already very warm. She took a quick ride just enough for me to shoot a couple of pictures.   Today , by the way, is the warmest day of the spring. Plus 31 degrees Celsius.

Thank you dear sis for having us there and thank you for the coffee and of course the nice time together with you and your husband.

Meillä oli aivan ihana aamupäivä kanssanne. Mortti on todella ihana ja kaunis. Kiitos siskoseni mukavasta seurasta ja kahvista. Mörrille rapsutuksia.
My sis and her horse img_4304cc My sis and her horse  IMG_5850C My sis and her horse IMG_5871C My sis and her horse IMG_5868C

Clean Car

Car Wash IMG_3586_1

It’s spring. Already for days beautiful sunshine from clear blue sky. Days about 8 degrees Celsius. Nights still below zero. The roads and streets are free from snow. It’s a delight to walk again, No need for spikes for the next six or seven months.

Last Monday we were visiting friends in Hämeenlinna. Our car was incredible dirty. You could not see, not even guess, what color. Why oh why hadn’t we washed it. I was ashamed, It was  annoying and embarrassing. I had Leif to park the car so our friends would not be able to see it from their place.

All week long I have daily been talking about taking the car to the automatic car wash. Every time there was some reason we could not. Yesterday I told hubby I refuse to go anywhere if the car looks like we have dipped it in mud. I’m going to wash it by hand right now. At first he said no. In his opinion the roads are still wet and dirty and the car soon will look the same again.

Well, anyway, I had made up my mind, I didn’t listen. I went for buckets with water. He finally gave in and promised to help. He did the roof as I’m too short to reach all the way up. I did all the rest 😉 Today or tomorrow I will take the steam cleaner and clean the seats.

Christmas Tree

Back to having a Christmas tree. A real one.

Three Christmases ago we decided we would not buy a tree for Christmas anymore. Okay truth is I decided. I had had enough of all the needles there always was all over the house, even in the food and in the beds. Leif was not happy about the decision but he gave in after I told him a small plastic tree, to put on a table, would be okay. Off he went to buy a small one. Oops, I should have told him how small or how a big one to buy. When I saw what he had bought I couldn’t believe my eyes. Such a tiny one ! For three years only Christmas tree we have had is this very small, fifty centimeter high, plastic tree.

Christmas IMG_3244_1

On Tuesday or Wednesday the doorbell rang. There was our, always kind and helpful, neighbor Sari with a Christmas tree. Our son has worked in the same company for one and a half-year. He had already left so Sari brought his “gift” tree on her way home from work. Thank you Sari. So sweet of you.

Christmas tree IMG_3263_1

Quam IMG_3237_1Quam was on the couch following my doings with great interest all the time I “decorated” the tree. When I had finished he jumped down from the couch and went to lay down under tree to sleep.

I do admit a real tree makes a difference. It smells so good. It smells like . . . like Christmas 🙂 Who knows, maybe we also next year are going to have a Christmas tree.

Happy Holidays everyone !

Leaking roof repair

Knock knock knocking on wood. It looks like my dear husband’s been able to fix the leaking roof problem.

The leaking roof really worried me. I was thinking of it constantly. In the morning on Tuesday I told Leif maybe the main problem after all is the hatch despite the fact that we had the hatch changed for a new one in the spring. Leif agreed the hatch might be the root to the problem. Even though the handy man had inspected it in the spring and said it was okay but still, who knows.

Yes, I said, I’m going to call for a handy man right the way. Leif said please, just don’t yet, let me go up there and see what I can do. I actually forbid him to go up on the roof because of his bad hip and leg.  Oh, I should have known better than believing he wouldn’t climb the ladders and go up on the roof. Well, he’s my mule stubborn hubby.

I was watching the Young and Restless when I heard him stepping around up there. I run out to tell him he should not be there. He said it’s alright, no problem, the roof is dry. Okay it’s not that high a roof nor steep so, as he already was there, I let him stay there without any further arguing.

After a while he came down. He said he’s now taped the hatch using waterproof isolation tape. He too now was quite certain that, even if he wasn’t able to see any damage on or around the hatch that the roots to the problem lay there.

Last night it was raining. Really was raining a lot for hours. I woke from time to time to listen if there was any drip dropping. Good. No dripping sound. First thing in the morning we both went to inspect the seams in the ceiling. They were dry. Oh my goodness. It looks like my stubborn husband was able to fix it. At least, a temporary fix. Good job. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that there will be no more leaks and no more needs for new postings in this matter. In the spring we will have a new and better look into the thing.


Leaky Roof

Not again, please !

Last fall we had some heavy storms and rainfall. Our roof began leaking. There was nothing much we could do about it then. In the spring we had a handy man here tracking down the leaks. He fixed the problem. Well that’s what we thought. No leak during the summer rains. Now with heavy rainfalls it’s leaking again 😦

We have to contact the company again. Hopefully they will be able to, one more time, fix it. At least to last the winter. After 22 years it is time to, next spring, renew the entire roof. Expensive, yes, but if it will last for as long as the current one has it will last till 2035 ! Oh my goodness, I better not think that far.

Painting By My Father-In-Law

My father-in-law was a sea-captain. He was sailing, among others, also the four-masted bark Herzogin Cecilie in the big grain races to Australia. Also he was fishing herring in the waters of Iceland.

This is a painting by him of the ship on which he was fishing herring in the 1930’s. On the back of the picture you can read his name and the year 1933.

I took some pictures of the painting today. Next summer there will be an event on herring fishing and the picture maybe used in some way there. I like the painting very much.

Our Niece Visiting Us

Oh how happy we are having had our niece, from Manila, visiting us for four weeks. We had been longing to meet her already for a very long time. She was here with her family when she was only 2 years. Next time we met her was when we visited them in Manila 14  years ago.  Now she is a wonderful young lady. She will  turn 18 in one month.

 On April 24 at 06.05 am we met her at the airport.    Patti had been hoping for it to still be winter and snow here for her to experience.  Unfortunately there was now snow anymore. Just a little, little bit of old dirty snow left here and there.

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In four weeks we were happy to introduce Patti to many, many of our friends and neighbors.  We made  sightseeing in Helsinki for a couple of times. We went to the market place on April 30 to watch the students wash and put a cap on the statue Manda. We visited the Zoo, we made a trip to Kotka,  where Patti and Leif visited the Maritime Museum.  We visited her cousin both in her city flat and summer place. We celebrated Mother’s day.  Patti talked to her mother on Skype and showed her spring flowers she picked here. We visited our friends in Hämeenlinna where we stayed the night.  We visited our wonderful goddaughter and her family. We were at Linnanmäki, the amusement park.  Yesterday the last day of her visit, she and Leif visited Suomenlinna. During her stay here the nature turned from early spring when it still  was all brown and gray into full spring with all the beautiful spring flowers and for the last two days into full summer.

 I wish Patti could have stayed for much longer. There still would have so much we would have loved to show her and experience together.

“Our Little Girl” at the airport. Going home to her family, friends and school. It was hard to say goodbye. I was able not to cry. But now, writing this, tears are dropping down my cheeks.  Missing you so much dear Patti.  Welcome back at any time.

My Half Sister

I was a foster child since the age of four. My mother = foster-mother always did her best to encourage me to keep in touch with my birth mother but I never really wanted.

When I got older we did meet occasionally. I now wish I had asked her, my birth mother, more about many things. Now of course it is too late as she passed away already long ago. Neither did I learn to know my brother who too has passed away.

After many, many years I really was very happy to meet my half-sister again. How wonderful of her to accept my invitation to come visit us.  She has two sons. It would have been nice to meet both of the boys but the older one was at work. We were happy to meet her younger, 14 years old, son.

My half-sister and her son

My brother, half-sister and me. Summer 1963. Isn’t she a doll ?