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I don’t bike (bicycle) anymore. I have not for, I think, the past 5-6-7 years. I find it hard to get on and of the bike. Probably an age issue as well as overweight 😦 Neither does my husband do it anymore. He, unfortunately, has bad hips, bad knees, bad ankles 😦 We used to bike a lot. We very often, after work, we made 40 to 60 km tours. For the last couple of years I have been talking about that maybe I would be able to kickbike. About two weeks ago I bought a used one. Oh dear ! I had no idea it would be so hard and difficult. I almost gave it up immediately but my son said why not try it for a little longer. It’s getting better but, still quite shaky and wobbly. I only use my left leg to kick with. I wonder will I ever learn to use both. We’ll see. The other day my husband wanted to try it. So I let him. I told him to take it easy because of his legs. I think he better not do it anymore. If I don’t learn to do it well I will sell it next spring.



I have occasionally looked at books with pictures to color in the store. But I didn’t want to buy a book with many, many pages of pictures of which I only like a few. Instead I printed a free image from the web to color. My husband wondered if the coloring isn’t meant for children. But, I said, there are free coloring pages for both adults and kids. Hmm, anyway, he thinks it’s a waste of time to sit and color for hours. I say, it’s great therapy, relaxing and fun. I say young or old, doesn’t matter 🙂colored flower basket IMG_3579Cfree printable coloring page from the internet


ant on flower turned to photo art using Prisma art app.There are ants on some of the flowers in the garden. I wonder how to get rid of them. I read insects don’t like spices. Well, they disappear for awhile but then return. Today I took pictures of them just for fun. As soon as they see me with the camera they hide under both flowers and leaves. They are super fast. None of the pictures were sharp enough. I gave up and turned one to photo art using Prisma art app.

Photographing test

Although I have three digital cameras and in practice always have one or more with me wherever I go, it happens that sometimes I was using my phone camera. A couple of weeks ago I bought a new phone. This new phone has a better camera than the old one. I already have taken quite many photos to test and get used to the camera. Here are three photos I took of Jacky yesterday. He was sleeping but, of course woke. I was testing shooting without a flash in the evening when there is less light. Not bad, but I still need to learn more about settings and etc. I guess I will continue to carry one or more of my cameras with me practically all the time wherever I go 😉

Potato Salad & Spring Tart

Homemade potato salad and mint chocolate cheese cake. Potato salad & sausages are pretty much traditional First of May food here. Well, at least in our family. Sometimes I make the salad myself but mostly I buy it.

The mint chocolate domino cookie cheese cake/tart is one I had had on my mind for quite a time. I actually had planned to make it for Easter but when I saw the yellow mango cheese cake in a magazine I wanted to make it for Easter and decided to make the mint cheese for the 1st of May. Oh my, it is yummy + I’m sure, has trillions of calories ! The one in the picture in the magazine is so beautifully decorated. I tried to make mine look the same. Of course it doesn’t ! But, my family made me feel happy, by saying it to them, really looks nice.