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Happy Birthday Quam !

Our wonderful, sweet, adorable Quam is turning 9 today.

Congratulations ! 

Here we are at the vet at 8:00 AM for the Fel-O-Vax IV Vet and  heart, teeth, ear check ups.  Probably not exactly Quam’s idea of birthday celebrating. Well, he’s OK as soon as we are there but he / they both hate the drive there. Luckily it’s only a less than 10 minute drive. The vet was very kind to let me shoot some pics and allowing me to have them on my blog.

Merino Wool Pillow

From time to time I suffer from neck and shoulder pain. Have been a bit stiff in my neck for some days so yesterday I bought a ‘Sleepy Sheepy Merino Wool Neck Pillow’. I had wanted one already for a long time. Only I always thought of the them as a  bit expensive.  Now the pillows were only half of the original price.

BUT, I’m in trouble now ! Canelo is fully convinced it’s a toy that we bought for him. He was sooo happy when he saw it and so, so, so disappointed when I told him it’s not for him. He just can’t understand why he can’t have it. I hate to look at him, to see his sad eyes telling his feelings are deeply hurt.

No matter how well I hide it he is able to sniff it up. Should I give it to him ? Should I buy one more ? I don’t know. I probably will end up giving him the sheep.

It’s crazy. I also have merino wool booties. He’s never wanted them for a toy ! Is it the shape of the pillow that attracts him.

Hmmm . . . actually the pillow very much look like Canelo. Maybe that’s why he likes it so much. 🙂

Reading glasses

Last spring I noticed I was not able to see as well as before. Reading was still OK but my distance vision was a bit harder. So I paid the optician a visit. She told me there had been some changes in my eyes and that it was time to have new glasses. I looked for frames and found what I wanted. Designed frames by Ralph Lauren. I think that of all the frames I have had these are the ones to suit me the best.

Well, at first I thought the glasses were good. Then, in a couple of months, I found out that reading was very hard. Still, until now I have been able to manage. I have used my old glasses when reading and the new ones for all other purpose. Some weeks ago I happened to drop “the reading glasses” to the floor and by mistake step on them ! Oh no ! Arrrgh ! Now I am unable to read the tiny texts on the packages. Using a magnifier is OK at home but in the grocery, super market, shopping center . . . naeee.

Then, at Tiimari buying Christmas cards, I saw these reading glasses for just 5.99 €. WOW ! Now I’m able to read again. At least I am able to manage for some time. However I must visit an optician soon to get prescription glasses as the other eye is weaker than the other.

Early Morning Swim

Yup, me 😀

I usually swim in the evenings but the beautiful warm sunny morning made me want to go to swim already at about 7:30.  It was sooo nice, sooo peaceful. At first it was only me there but very soon a couple, my age, also came for their daily morning swim. They said they prefer the morning.  In the evening there are so many people.  

Unfortunately, now a days,  the blue-green algae appear every summer. This morning you could already see some in the water. I hope there is not too much of  it tomorrow. I want to swim !

Sigh . . .

I was so happy thinking Quismo was OK. Well . . . he was for a long time. His eyes looked great. He managed with only the Lubrithal drops for months. Unfortunately the virus flared up once again ! Even worse. Now both cats have it and need treatment for it.

Poor cats. They hate the trip (s) to the veterinary. They hate the drops and pills ! No matter how much I’m trying to, secretly, pick the pills and drops from the cabinet they are able to know it’s time for the medication. Day by day they are getting smarter and smarter at finding places to hide.

This is what they need now:

Oculac Roferon A 1 drop each eye 4 times/day/2 weeks

Oftan Akvakol 1 drop each eye 4 times/day/6 weeks

Famvir ½ pill twice/day/10 days

Lysin.hydrochlorid. 2 pills twice/day/for 3 months (hopefully not more than that)

Lubrithal 1 drop each eye 3 times/day probably for always

In the background a Royal Canin Cat Food Storage tin. Of several tins, this is my favorite one. I love the gray cat in the picture.

I’m afraid we have to postpone some of our road trips for this summer. Well, it’s OK. The cats’ health is the most important thing for the time being.

Can it get any better

Summer, sunshine, swimming in the lake, daylight for almost a round the clock . . .

I love to swim in the evening. Often the wind will have calmed down there are no waves. Tonight there was a group of young firefighters in training, a bit from where I was swimming, using diving gear. I was hoping they would still be there when I had finished swimming. I wanted to shoot some pictures.  To my disappointment they were already packing their equipment and the last man was just about to step out off the water. I asked may I shoot a picture. Yup, fine with them.  Thanks guys 🙂

In the picture you can see the two small piers. I have marked them with white arrows. I think it is about 50 m between them. I swim five to six times back and forth between them. Sometimes up to ten times. Great feeling afterwards. I’m so happy it’s only beginning of the summer. One still will be able to swim for about two and a half months.

Cyperus Zumula

I have, today, been surfing the internet for more information about the Cyperus Zumula plant. What a difficult and controversial matter! So many different opinions. A veterinary says that the cat grass contains harmful essential oil thujone and the plant is not for cats.

I went back to the flower shop today just to tell them what I had found out about the plant. Hmmm . . . I got the feeling they were not interested. Both women assured me the wholesaler has sold the plants to them as cat grass and and so far there has been no complaints.

Maybe they are right in saying my cat is too sensitive ! Who knows ! I know  . . . no more Cyperus Zumula for my cats.

Cyperus Zumula ! ! !

I am sooo damn angry and disappointed with myself for not checking out about the plant I bought in the flower shop the other day ! ! !

I went there to buy a wonderful light rosa begonia. Already paying for the begonia my eyes caught a green plant with a little sign in the pot. A cat pictured on it. I asked the woman what plant is this. Oh it’s cat grass she told me. Really, cat grass ? ! You mean it’s for your cat to eat like the oath or wheat ? ! She nodded and told me yes. WOW ! Yeah ! OK, I’ll just have one thank you !

Cyperus Zumula

The plant was on the windowsill for a couple of days. Neither of the cats showed any kind of interest in it. I was a bit confused as usually when they get oath or wheat they literally throw themselves over it. Yesterday I was in the kitchen when I saw Quismo eating of it. I was so pleased to see he liked the grass. Seconds later Quismo cried out loud, I mean really loud, for help and then he threw up. Oh my goodness, he was vomiting big time. Both my husband and I understood immediately that the grass is not for cats ! Eating oat or wheat never made none of our cats feel that bad.

I surfed the net and found out the plant certainly is not for cats. It’s now high up away from the cats. Today I will go to the pet store to buy them some delicious, healthy oat. Also I will pop into the flower shop to tell the woman the grass is highly toxic to cats and may cause liver damage. I’ll tell her to, please, please warn your customers about the “cat grass”.

I feel awful about this. I feel an idiot. The biggest fool on the planet. Quismo dear forgive me, love ya.

Sitä on liikkeellä – Ja visst kan man vara förkyld även på sommaren – Summerflu

Kyllä ! Siis flunssa. Juuri kun tuo ukkokulta siitä parani niin se iski minuun. Olen potenut sitä viime perjantaista. Yskä on ollut mahtava. Vatsalihakset ovat saanneet paljon jumppaa ja ovat tosi hellät. Ihan kotikonsteilla olen hoitanut itseäni mutta huomenna on marssittava lääkärin vastaanotolle. Nyt on korvatuledus ja ihan pakko saada penciliinkuuri. Korva pitää niin hirveätä meteliä ja vuotaa. Mutta tosin sitä on liikkeellä koska useampi tuttavapiiristä on joutunut sen kouriin.

Ja du milde . . . sommarförkylning ! De e ju inte precis va man väntar sig. Men den är i svang. Faktiskt så har många i bekantskapskretsen varit drabbade. Den kära gubben hann just precis tillfriskna när jag drabbades på fredag. Hostan har verkligen gott hårt åt magmusklerna. Jag vågar inte skratta, knappt le för det känns verkligen. I morgon måste jag ändå ta skeden i vacker hand och gå till fabror doktorn för att få en penicilinkur. Nämligen örat är inflamerat och för ett sjuhelsikes liv och varar. Men efter att redan varit "sjuk" i en vecka så tror jag nog att jag skall vara ok igen inom en snar framtid. 

I hope you folks have been able to not have got the flu ! Many of our friends have been down with it. Hubby just got rid of it when I got down with it on Friday. At times it has felt like I’v been caughing my lungs out the chest ! My stomach muscles really are sore. I dare not laugh or barely smile. Now I’v got an ear inflamation ! First thing tomorrow morning I need to go see a doc to get some penicillin. Well I’m sure to be ok soon.

So bless you all from the summerflu !   

I Guess It’s The Flu !

Oh no, not again, por favor !

only about 6 weeks ago I was down with the flu and here we go again.
Actually I felt it coming already some days ago. I do have all the

  • headache
  • sore throat
  • cough
  • runny nose
  • muscle aches

really feel too bad to go to work today. I will drink warm liquids.
Finnrexin Neo is something you can buy at the drugstore without an
prescription to help relieve  the symptoms.  Also I will try a warm
drink I learned of already from my mom. Have sliced onion, crushed garlic, honey and
butter in hot milk. Usually makes you feel better. Or an other home
cure my friend Nino told me about last weekend. Hot tea with crushed

I wonder if I made a mistake to turn down the offer at
work to get a free influenza shot. Only then I was more scared of
getting sick from the shot Confused !

OK enough about my misery . . .  I’ll be fine in a couple of days Smile

Take care all  !