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The traditional snow/ice-racing for old, vintage, museum age mopeds and motorbikes, arranged by Stadin Pärtsärit, was held in Helsinki at Tattarisuo go kart track yesterday. A perfect day for this kind of outdoor events. Sunshine, no wind, not too cold, only about minus 10 C.


Lego Art Exhibition

Yesterday we were at the Lego Art Exhibition at Iso Omena shopping Center in Esbo. The Exhibition opened on Feb 6 and will close tomorrow. Even if Iso Omena is only, an about, 20 minute drive from us we hardly ever go there. Now, however, was a good time to go there. To, as we say; “catch two flies with one hit”. Meaning to see both the renovated, enlarged shopping center and the Lego arts. Both were so worth the drive. The shopping center is huge compared to the one we visit daily and also the Lego Arts, in my opinion, are huge. Imagine how many Lego bricks and hours to build them and how much they weigh ! My favorite is the tiger with the cub. I thought the ones at Omena were huge. I googled and saw even much bigger ones at different exhibitions around the world !

@ Ateneum Art Museum

Yesterday we visited the art museum Ateneum in Helsinki. We had planned to go there ever since The Von Wright Brothers and the Treasures From The National Gallery Of Duckenburg exhibitions opened in the end of October last year. Yesterday was the perfect time to go there because my husband had to take care of an errand nearby and it was a gorgeous, sunny day. I have, of course, seen pictures of both the von Wrights and the Duckenbergs in magazines, newspapers and on the internet but it’s not the same as to see the original paintings. I have always liked the von Wrights brothers’ paintings. Especially the birds and animals. But, all the others, still lifes, botanical themes, landscapes, wintry landscapes, portraits, drawings etc they all are fantastic. Also the paintings and drawings from different places in Helsinki showing how different the life was in the 1800’s was fascinating. There was quite many visitors. Photographing allowed without flash.

Snapshots from the exhibition + one of the Atenemum and some other buildings surrounding the railway station square.

By the way, good we went there yesterday because, today is a snowstorm ! Meteorologists say it will cause traffic jams.

Miniature Model Railway Exhibition

Last week we visited the largest miniature model alpine railway exhibition in Finland. Arranged by the Alppirautatieharrastajat/The Alpine Railway enthusiasts at Sello shopping centre. It was both interesting and nice. I liked the trains but suddenly found myself admire the alpine views. They were beautiful with the tiny buildings and animals. There was a lot of visitors. The children really loved it. A dad with his, about 4 years, boy said they had been visiting the exhibition for several times because his boy wanted to go there again and again.

Christmas Concert

We had the opportunity to go to a Christmas concert held at the St. John’s church in Helsinki. Listening to the beautiful Christmas songs sang by the boy and young men choir Cantores Minores in a church always is a powerful experience. On the way back home we made a quick stop just to shoot a couple of pictures of the Christmas decorations in Esplanade park. I am sure it will look even more beautiful in the dark.

Herring Market ~ Silakkamarkkinat ~ Strömmingsmarkanden


The traditional Herring market will be held annually at the Market Square. The oldest traditional event in Helsinki has been held since 1743. The fishermen working on the Baltic Sea will once again bring their salted herring to market, as well as a delicious selection of herring marinades from rowan berries to red pepper. Of course, you can also find delicious dark bread in the archipelago style, clothes made from the wool of island sheep, and other handicrafts. Not to forget the tasty market food!”  The text is from the Visit Helsinki site.

It’s a few years since we last went there. It was not raining on Saturday so it was a good day to go there. 

Sirkus Finlandia ~ Circus Finlandia

We ordered a news paper and were offered free tickets to Sirkus Finlandia. We tried to recall how many years ago since we went to a circus. It must be about 35 years ago. Also then it was to Sirkus Finlandia. After such a long time we really found it very fun and enjoyable. Specially to see and hear how much all the kids enjoyed it made me smile ear to ear. One little one, I think he was only about 9 – 11 months old. Hi was not yet able to stand by himself. His dad held him standing on his lap. The little one laughed, jumped up and down, screaming of joy all the time. So cute. And, I can tell it felt my husband was one of the kids. He too, cheered, applauded and laughed a lot. The motorcycle stunt in a steel ball with five young stunt drivers at the same time was huge. Photographing was allowed but no flash. My photos are what they are.