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Helsinga Medieval Day

Yesterday we visited the Helsinga Medieval Day. I think it is the fourth time it is arranged. I had not heard about it before. Just happened to see an ad about it in the news paper some time ago. The event is taking place in the Helsinki Parish Village, in the park around and outside of the Church of St. Lawrence.

West Side Story

This year the Raseborg’s outdoor Summer theater is playing the musical West Side Story from 28.6. – 5.8.2018. I think I was about 16-17 years old when I saw the movie. It was so different from other musicals. A few weeks ago it was on TV. Of course I had to watch it. Last week I read in the paper Raseborg’s Summer theater is playing it. We were there yesterday. Very nice and nostalgic.

@ Sipoo/Sibbo Summer Fair

I said in my post of yesterday I visited the aviation museum on Sunday.  Nope, that was of course on Saturday 😉

Yesterday, Sunday, we visited the Sipoo/Sibbo Summer Fair. If Saturday was gray and drizzling then yesterday was the most wonderful warm and sunny day. Just perfect for a summer fair visit.


Sooo many beautiful flowers there are along the roadsides. I wanted to stop and take pictures. After two stops Leif said “enough”.  The yellows are Buttercups (Ranunculus repens) the blue/pink ones are Wild Lupins (Lupinus perennis)

The fair took place at Talma Ski Centre.  The place is not far away from where we live and it is just about 3 km away from our god daughter’s parents. When our son was a kid, in the beginning of the 80’s, we used to go to Talma to ski slalom.

I think there was about 80 exhibitors at the fair. Our god daughter was at work there at the stand for dental care.

I stood a long time looking at people jumping the bungee trampoline. There were all ages. Well not really all ages but kids and young people. I shot a short clip of girl who said it’s okay for me to put the clip on my blog. She was really good. Jumping really high up and did flips both back and forth.

After staying at the fair for about two hours we went to visit our god daughter’s mother.  Our god daughter’s  two daughters stayed there the weekend. Such a nice afternoon.


In the evening a friend, who was visiting some friends nearby us, was walking their two dogs. She came here and Canelo and I joined them for an evening walk.

No wonder I was tired already at 9 pm and fell asleep at about lap 26 watching the F1 Canada Grand Prix

Our Niece Visiting Us

Oh how happy we are having had our niece, from Manila, visiting us for four weeks. We had been longing to meet her already for a very long time. She was here with her family when she was only 2 years. Next time we met her was when we visited them in Manila 14  years ago.  Now she is a wonderful young lady. She will  turn 18 in one month.

 On April 24 at 06.05 am we met her at the airport.    Patti had been hoping for it to still be winter and snow here for her to experience.  Unfortunately there was now snow anymore. Just a little, little bit of old dirty snow left here and there.

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In four weeks we were happy to introduce Patti to many, many of our friends and neighbors.  We made  sightseeing in Helsinki for a couple of times. We went to the market place on April 30 to watch the students wash and put a cap on the statue Manda. We visited the Zoo, we made a trip to Kotka,  where Patti and Leif visited the Maritime Museum.  We visited her cousin both in her city flat and summer place. We celebrated Mother’s day.  Patti talked to her mother on Skype and showed her spring flowers she picked here. We visited our friends in Hämeenlinna where we stayed the night.  We visited our wonderful goddaughter and her family. We were at Linnanmäki, the amusement park.  Yesterday the last day of her visit, she and Leif visited Suomenlinna. During her stay here the nature turned from early spring when it still  was all brown and gray into full spring with all the beautiful spring flowers and for the last two days into full summer.

 I wish Patti could have stayed for much longer. There still would have so much we would have loved to show her and experience together.

“Our Little Girl” at the airport. Going home to her family, friends and school. It was hard to say goodbye. I was able not to cry. But now, writing this, tears are dropping down my cheeks.  Missing you so much dear Patti.  Welcome back at any time.

Peikkometsän lumotut vuodenajat

Oltiin Lefan kanssa eilen Espoon Opistoteatterin Peikkometsän lumotut vuodenajat näytelmän kenraaliharjoituksissa. Meidän naapuri, Sari, esiintyy siinä. Hän on kuvassa olkihattu päässä. Näytelmä on suunnattu yli kolmevuotialle mutta meistä se oli sen verran mukava että käy hyvin myös ainakin eläkeläisille.

Minulla oli ilo saada toimia kuvaajana. Kuvattaessa valoa olisi saannut olla enemmän koska kameran kiinteä salama ei tahdo riittää tälläisiin tiloihin. Aikoinaan suunnittelin osatavani myös Canon Speedlite salamavalon kameraani. Hinta vaan on ollut esteenä. Mutta, jos eurolotossa tulee jättipotti niin . . .

Menkäähän katsomaan jos vaan kerkeätte.  Tarkempia tietoja,  klikka alla olevaa linkkiä.

HEUREKA The Finnish Science Centre

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Visiting HEUREKA The Finnish Science Centre yesterday together with my husband and a group of about 90 other members of the “Veteraanimoottoripyöräklubi ry” A club for people interested in old motor bikes. HEUREKA opened in 1989 and I think we visited the centre right after the opening. I am not sure have I been there since.  Anyway, we had a great time there yesterday.  How nice to find out photographing is allowed there  so I shot a few pictures. Not easy to photograph as there were so many people.  The film,  A Journey To The Stars, we saw in the planetarium was very interesting. Only I had to close my eyes a couple of times as I felt like everything was spinning around.  I would have liked to watch The Rat Basket Ball but the last play was at 3:40 pm and we arrived at 4:00. Yup, was a nice afternoon 🙂

LUX Helsinki ~ The Olympic Stadium Tower

The tower looked so nice in the evening yesterday. The colours changed beautifully. My husband Leif said I should have had my video cam to catch the changes. I now do agree.

I ran an errand down town Helsinki today in the afternoon. I wanted to try shoot some more pictures. I waited to shoot till the colours were the same as last night.  About thirty minutes later it was snowing so hard you could barely see the tower.

LUX Helsinki 31.12.2011-9.1.2012

If you are going to be in town . . . go watch the light installations.  As they say on their website:

Brilliant !

The Rubrik’s Cube is huge. In the dark it looked like floating in the air . The Olympic Stadium Tower was colourful. Unfortunately my pictures of the tower were no good. 

For more information click the link

So Embarrassing

On Tuesday night my neighbour and friend Sari, once again, was in a play about Kalevala by Elias Lönnrot. Knowing how much I like photographing she told me to, just please, come shoot some pictures if you like to. Of course I would like to. I really was looking forward to the “happening”.

The play would begin at 7:30 pm. We left home at 6:45 and arrived there at 7. What ? Nobody there ! Wrong Day ? There was a guard at the front door who told us, sorry, either wrong day or wrong place. Nothing here tonight.

We tried to call Sari, actually each and every one in her family. No answer ! I called my son to please, please, please check my emails from Sari. the one where she is giving me the link of the event. Oh no . . . he was not able to find the right e-mail. Luckily I asked the guy at the door could I use his computer to check my e-mail. Yup he said, no problem. Thanks to him I found the righ address, about 7- 10 kilometers away. Not much time left, not sure we would make it in time. Leif, my husband driving like crazy.

I think we arrived about 5 -7 minutes late. It was sooo embarrassing I could have dropped dead. Lights were already off. The actors all had taken there positions ready to begin. I was so nervous I could hardly think or see anything. Heh-heh ! I just pressed the button over and over again and wished that at least one picture would be OK.

Sari to the left. Playing the role of Louhi.

The entire group of the play.

The play was interesting. They all were fantastic. I’m looking forward to the third and last play of “their” Kalevala trilogy. 

I apologize and hope the group will forgive me my mistake.  Who knows ! Maybe, just maybe, hopefully,  they still will have confidence enough in me to ask me to come shoot some pictures then as well.