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Testing background picture

Just testing background picture !

I looked up how to do it from Hack MSN Spaces. I'm not really sure I got
it done right ! Probably not ! I'll check that up later.

The "Tussilago farfara" is one of the very first spring flowers. It depends
a little but you can see them about at the end of March or beginning of
April. I love the yellow color.Makes the whole world shine !

It's already 0:17 AM. As I have to get up for work tomorrow I better
go to bed now.

Good night folks  . . . sleep well  

What’s Wrong With My Space

I don’t understand what’s wrong with my space ! Adding pictures, texts or actually any changes I make are taking so much time. I think I will have a nervous brake down! I have removed modules and also made some other changes to see if it will make my computer run any faster. I hope it will make a difference for the better.