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Blue Butterflies & Black-eyed Susans

Two more colorings. First I colored the one with the butterflies in blue with the background in white. I looked at it and thought it might have looked nicer with a black background. I printed a second page. I said to my husband I will color the butterflies in green this time. I regret the black background. Anyway, it doesn’t matter because, eventually they probably will end up in the shredder.


I have occasionally looked at books with pictures to color in the store. But I didn’t want to buy a book with many, many pages of pictures of which I only like a few. Instead I printed a free image from the web to color. My husband wondered if the coloring isn’t meant for children. But, I said, there are free coloring pages for both adults and kids. Hmm, anyway, he thinks it’s a waste of time to sit and color for hours. I say, it’s great therapy, relaxing and fun. I say young or old, doesn’t matter 🙂colored flower basket IMG_3579Cfree printable coloring page from the internet

Color Pencil Drawings

From time to time I get bitten by the drawing bug ! I think the color pencils I am using are are too hard. Maybe watercolor pencils would give a better result ? !

                                 Scan10170_1     Scan10171_r1_1

The eyes of the baby fox are not right but I didn’t have the energy to try to make them right. Well . . . tried today (Nov.11) to make the eyes right. Now the ears are bothering me . . . but I  better  leave it now and make no more changes !