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On Sunday we had some errands to Helsinki. The weather was gorgeous. On the way home we took a tour by the shoreline of Kaivopuisto, Eira, Hernesaari and West harbor. Here a few snapshot shot with my phone.

Nordic Heads of States in Helsinki

Today all the Nordic heads of states are in Helsinki, Finland to celebrate the anniversary of Finland 100 years of independence. We were, outside the Presidential Palace, when they arrived. There was so many people. To my delight, a tourist, a very polite gentleman helped me get a spot in the front row. So kind of him. For photographing it was not the best spot but, at least, I was able to take a few pictures. In the morning it was cold but sunshine. In the distance you could see clouds. They got darker all the time and came closer and closer. At about 10:30 they were almost above us. Everybody wished it would not rain. But, at 10:40 seconds before the presidential couple and the royal couples stepped out on the balcony a cold wind blew hard and it started to rain and hail. I heard a tourist say to an other: summer day in Finland. To my disappointment I was not able to take any photos of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden.

Visiting Tampere and Vehoniemi

We went on a one day trip to Tampere and Vehoniemi with the camper. A last trip for the season. The weather was so nice.

Lefa 70 IMG_7888C

White chocolate cake/pie = birthday cake, Leif turned 70 

at the fishmarket in Tampere IMG_7796C

 A music band playing at the fish market.


Nice colours – delicious


Art on a wall. Leif said the guy needs help to keep the handle.
Tammerkoski waterfall IMG_7814C

Tammerkoski Waterfall – Old factory buildings
Tammerkoski Bridge – Old factory buildings

Leif and Canelo

Näsinneula tower IMG_7839C
Näsinneula Observation Tower
Classic car coffeehouse and museum IMG_7853C
Classic Car Museum
Rolls Roys IMG_7881C
Rolls Royce from 1921
Moskovitch IMG_7866C
Leif’s first car in 1962 was a Moskovitch model 1955. Exactly like this one but in gray.
Volkswagen and Moskovitch IMG_7862C
Moskovitch and Volkswagen
Vehoniemi view IMG_7882C
View over lake Roine from the museum

“Sokerimunkki” sugar donut and white chocolate cake.

Quiet Night

We took a tour to down town Helsinki on Friday at about 9:45 pm. Where were all the people. An empty town. So quiet and peaceful. Oh yes ! The Football World Cup. We didn’t stay for very long. After a couple of pictures we went back home.
IMG_6523C MV Silver Whisper at Helsinki Katajanokka IMG_6531C

Cruise ship MV Silver Whisper at Helsinki Katajanokka harbour.
The Brig Tre Kronor af Stockholm IMG_6529C The Brig Tre Kronor af Stockholm IMG_6534C

The Brig Tre Kronor af Stockholm at the South Harbour.

Interesting Day

I was in Tampere yesterday. We are four friends since many years back in time. We get together now and then . One moved to Tampere about a year ago. We thought it would be fun to go there this time. Tampere is about 1 hour 45 minutes journey by train from Helsinki.

We arrived at 11:52 am and our friend met us at the station. She had booked a table for us at the restaurant Tillikka for lunch at 1:00 pm . On the way there we had time to take a walk to see, among others , the port, many old factory buildings,The Tammerkoski bridge and the rapids. A beautiful, sunny, plus 8 degrees day.

We had time to enjoy the lunch for about two and a half hours. The food was really good . We talked and talked and laughed.

We all were interested in visiting The Terracotta Army and Treasures of the First Emperors of China exhibition at The Museum Centre Vapriikki. It’s been open since 14 June and will close 1 December. I am glad we were able to go there. There were lots of visitors . Of course as open only two more weeks. Good thing photographing was allowed. Bad thing, there were so many people , it really was hard to get some good pictures.

The museum closed at 6:00 pm . We still had time , before the train back to Helsinki , for a coffee at the railway station cafeteria.

Thank you dear friends for an incredibly nice day. And thank you dear husband and dear Canelo for picking me up at the railway station at 9:00 pm.

Tampere IMG_5055C Tampere IMG_5056C Tampere IMG_5059C Tampere IMG_5065C Tampere IMG_5067C The Terracotta Army Exhibion in Tampere at Museum Vapriikki IMG_5075C The Terracotta Army Exhibion in Tampere at Museum Vapriikki IMG_5076C The Terracotta Army Exhibion in Tampere at Museum Vapriikki IMG_5080C