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Completely Cats ~ Stories With Cattitude

Completely Cats Stories With Cattitude CJacky IMG_3847CCI read about this book on two different blogs I follow. The other one is Katzenworld and the other Rohvannyn, Mindflight who also does have a story in it. I ordered it online from Adlibris and it arrived last week. I began reading it in the beginning of this week and have, so far, read two stories. I am sure I will like all of the stories and the illustrations are so very cute. Good thing is. Each book purchased will help support work of International Cat Care. Today I saw Jacky using the book as a pillow when napping. My husband says he thinks I should, every evening, read one story at bedtime for Jacky.

Arnold, Arnold . . .

Arnold, Arnold the people chanted when he won his first Mr. Universe title in London in 1967. Yes, I finished reading the book ‘Total Recall’ by Arnold Schwarzenegger last night. Just in time to take it back to the library as I, today, received an e-mail to remind me it’s due for returning in two days.

A thick book of about 600 pages and a wight of 885 grams. The weight made it difficult to read in bed which I always do. Couple of times I fell asleep with the book in my hand(s) and it fell on my chest. A brutal way to wake up. Even if I don’t know very much about bodybuilding or maybe don’t like some of the films the book still is fun, entertaining and interesting reading.

While reading I recalled that I once, many years ago, actually went to watch a bodybuilding competition. I remember that when the crowd got excited and chanted for one of the guys to win I too got very excited and joined the chanting.

The first chapter is about his childhood living in a small village not far from Graz in Austria. Later he went to school and to a gym in Graz. It made me thinking of my visit to Graz some years ago. It was in the spring around Easter. I can’t remember whether it was in end March or the beginning of April. It was still cold and snow here when I left. In Graz it was spring. Very warm. People wearing shorts. The trees already had green leaves. Lots of yellow bushes in bloom as well as other flowers.  A beautiful, picturesque town.  The view up “the Scholssberg’ was stunning. Such a wonderful time.

I totally had forgotten Mr. Schwarzenegger has visited Finland. Yes he has. In 1976 he was at Stockmann’s department store marketing vitamins and years later at the opening of Planet Hollywood. Well, after all it’s not that surprising as he has traveled all around the world countless times.

I read some book reviews on the net. Many likes the book many don’t. The whole truth or not. Well, I’m not naïve to think he’s told it all. I just liked it anyway and think it is an exciting life story. From a bodybuilder to a film star to a governor. Incredible.

Long Way Round & Long Way Down

Once again . . . two books hard to put down ! 

A few weeks ago I was in the library looking for something to read. My eyes spotted Long Way Round on display. Bells ringing in my head telling me I’d either heard or seen something somewhere sometime by the same name. Yes, right, the documentary series, about the journey of two guys on bikes from London to New York through Europe, Ukraine, Mongolia etc,  on telly long ago. I didn’t watch it back then. Browsing the book a little I decided to borrow it.  I got hooked from the very beginning 🙂 As soon as I had read LWR I signed in to the library and reserved LWD. This morning I finished reading the Long Way Down.

Now I’m looking forward to read “Right to the Edge: Sydney to Tokyo by Any Means” by Charley Boorman. I booked it some minutes ago and can hardly wait to get started reading about new adventures on the “road” 🙂

A Big Mouth Brit ~ Piers Morgan

I used to think the man was precisely; A Big Mouth Brit.

Before Christmas I read The Insider: The Private Diaries of a Scandalous Decade. I was hooked from the very beginning. The man has an easy, witty, funny, entertainig, interesting way of expressing himsef.

For Christmas I bought the “Misadventures of a Big Mouth Brit” which I have just finished reading. This one was even more fun. I laughed a lot. He’s got a hilarious way to discribe what’s happening.

He may be a Big Mouth Brit . . . but he writes great “diaries”.

Please, Piers, write more !

Läsbart, tittbart

Eftersom det har varit sååå kallt nu i några veckor så är jag glad för att ha både mycket läsbart och tittbart !

Tomten kom med “A Memoir – Edward M. Kennedy – True Compass”.  I går var jag inne på “Divari”. Hittar nästan aldrig något där i min smak. Ja, jag läser mest memoarer och sånt. Så jag blev glatt överraskad att hitta två böcker jag ville ha. Den ena “Goldie; a lotus grown in the mud”. Den andra “Cherie Blair Speaking for Myself”.  Bägge verkligen,, verkligen till pris som passade min börs utmärkt. Jag får nog sticka mig in där lite oftare för att kolla läget.

Är också glad för att ha upptäckt “Telemundo” på nätet var man kan se telenovelas. Jag går ju på Arbis och läser spanska och är sååå glad att kunna “höra” spanska. Har nu tittat igenom några telenovelas och kommit underfund med att dom är ganska lika varann men strunt i det bara språket fastnar i skallen. Kan förstå rätt bra men tyvärr kan jag inte ännu utrycka mig just alls.

Hushållsarbetet har blivit lidanden men jag får väl ta itu med det nu när alla helger och jullov är förbi. Ja usch ! Bykkorgen svämmar över. Damtussarna virvlar runt och trettondagen skall julen ut eller hur det nu heter.

Marley and Me

It’s a while since I read the wonderful book Marley and Me written by John Grogan. On Friday the film Marley and Me had it’s Finland premier. We went to see it. It was almost as wonderful as the book. I was so sure of having lots of tissues in my pocket but it turned out I only had two very worn out ones. There I was in the end . . . rivers of tears down my cheeks . . . with hardly no tissue. Embarrasing.

James Herriot’s Dog Stories

Warm And Wonderful Stories About The Animals Herriot Loves Best

We have had this book in our bookcase already for many, many years. It was one of hubby’s dad’s books. I really don’t know why I didn’t read it until now. Probably the book about Marley inspired me to read one more book about dogs. This book also was a wonderful one. So many stories about different dogs. Most with happy ending some sad ones as well. If you love dogs I warmly recommend the book.

Marley and me, Marley y yo, Marley ja Minä, Marley och jag

Last night at 1.30 AM I finished reading the most wonderful book, Marley And Me, written by John Grogan. It was one of those books you just can’t put aside before you have finished it. John Grogan is telling about their dog Marley, a Labrador Retriever. The dog never became a "show dog" but was the most happy and loyal dog you can think of. I started reading the book on the way to work and also on the way back from work. Some of it was just too funny not to laugh so there I was laughing out loud in the train when reading. The people sitting next to me and in front of me all smiled. The next morning on the way to work, again reading and smiling by myself, the same lady, from the day before, sat in front of me and I saw her bending her head to try to find out what I was reading. Everyone who have had pets knows how hard it is to after 12-15-20 years have to let them go. I cried rivers when it was time for Marley to go. So folks . . . prepare . . you need boxes of tissues. Thank you Mirja for thinking of me and lending me the book thank you Smile

Browse Inside this book

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Una buena historia, se lee rápido, un libro que me hiciera reir mucho, mucho y tambien llorar rios en al final, preparar usted necesitará tejidos.

Kannattaa lukea ! Ainakin kaikki jotka rakastavat koiria. Kirjaa ei voi päästä käsistä ennen kun sen on lukenut loppuun. Varatkaa loppuun reilusti paperinenäliinoja. Ainakin minä itkin vuolaasti.

Verkligen läsvärd bok för alla som älskar hundar. En bok som bara inte går att lägga i från sig innan man läst den. Passa på att ha ett lager med pappersnäsdukar tillhands. Jag grät floder i slutet.

A Pile Of Books

Look what a pile of books I bought yesterday ! ! ! I went to the bookstore just to look around a bit and ended up with six books ! Well . . . there was this offer, on already reduced prices, "buy 3 . . pay 2". I usually complain when my hubby buy motor magazines like old cars, new cars, old bikes etc ! I think they are too expensive ! When he saw my pile of books he said nothing but bought a new magazine !

All titels and authors are unknown to me but from what I learned from the reviews I think it will be interesting reading. So . . I will be busy reading for the next couple of weeks !