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Geese Migrating Southwards


I wonder are you able to spot them ? They are the tiny black spots 😉

GeeseThere has been some snow already in many places in Finland. Where we live, there so far, only has been a little bit which melted quickly. The birds know it’s time for them to migrate. Yesterday hundreds of geese resting in the water on the other side of the lake on their way southwards. Oh my, they are loud. I was able to hear them loud and clear. Have a safe flight. See you next spring 🙂


Chikkadee/tit IMG_7722CIn my previous post about the Eurasian jay who took a small bird, a chickadee / tit, I didn’t mention his friend was in shock. He/she flew around, only to realize there was nothing he could do. A day or two there was no birds in the apple tree. Yesterday I saw one, all alone. May be the friend of the one that the jay took.

I hope my cat won’t take him or any bird at all. So far he seems to be interested in mice. Almost daily he finds one or two to bring to the terrace

Drama in the garden !

A jay bird caught a chickadee/tit in the apple tree. I happened to look out the window and saw it happen. I grabbed my camera and ran out to take some photos. He landed with the tit onto the ground. Before I was out he almost had the the little bird plucked. He flew away with his beak full of stuff. Only the feathers remain in the grass. Unfortunately I was so excited that I forgot to check the camera settings. The photos, unfortunately, are blurry.

a jay bird IMG_7717Ca jay bird IMG_7718Ca jay bird IMG_7720C20190614_144859_HDRC

Great Spotted Woodpeckers

In the morning I heard a woodpecker pecking a tree somewhere in the neighbor’s garden. I quickly went in, grabbed my camera and back out. I still heard him but was unable to spot him. My neighbor was on the porch. I said I so wish I would be able to shoot a couple of photos. But, the sound disappeared. In the afternoon my neighbor called. She said, go look, there now are two woodpeckers. She was right. The two of them picking insects on the ground. I hope they will be back tomorrow or in a near future and I will be able to shoot better photos.

Jay – Garrulus Glandarius

During the years I have made countless attempts to, at least, get one good photo of a jay. But, no ! They are shy, they a super quick to fly away or they hide behind a branch. Today, I couldn’t believe my eyes. One sat in the apple tree right outside our bedroom looking right at me. It’s a gray rainy day. Maybe he wanted to come in. I grabbed the camera and shot a couple of shots through the window. Then went out to perhaps be able to shoot more photos. But, he already had moved on to sit high up in a tree on the neighbor’s side.