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Swan Family

I happened to see this swan family when we were on the the way to the supermarket. Oh look, look I said. I want to shoot a couple of photos. Make a u-turn. There still is some ice on the lake but close to the shore there is water. After a while the young swan got curious and came towards me. Maybe he thought I had some kind of treats or so. After staring at me for a few seconds he returned to his parents.

Eeek !

Mouse, mus, hiiri mouse, mus, hiiri

A mouse in the apple tree ! This winter we decided to put a tallow ball for the birds. We have never put anything for the birds for the wintertime  because all our other cats were able to stay in the backyard all year round. The backyard is fenced and they got used to stay there from an very young age. I wonder whether we will ever be able to let Jacky stay there by himself ! He’s so different from all the others. We’ll see in the spring.

Today Jacky was watching the birds as usually. Suddenly he made a lot’s of sounds. Loudly telling there’s something he has never seen before. I went to have a look. I said, nope, nothing there. No birds. Just a dry leaf. He said, no, no look closer. Eeek, you are right. There’s A MOUSE ! Where’s my camera. I had to give it try even if I know the pictures shot though the window hardly ever turn out well. Neither did these but, look how much the little mouse ate from the ball in a short time. Guess what. There’s not going to be anymore tallow balls in our apple tree. I hope the mouse will disappear, vanish, move away from here when he finds out there will nothing for him to eat.  Or that some of the cats, I see around in the neighborhood, will fix the problem for me. Or that Jacky will catch him in the spring. The other cats we have had used to catch and bring them in. Which of course made me to loudly scream: take it out, take it out ! Heh-heh. I know I’m a wimp 😀

Alpacas & Alpaca socks

Alpacas img_2448c Alpacas img_2444c Alpaca img_2443c Alpaca socks img_2456c

On Saturday there was the November market at Myyrmäki market square outside Myyrmanni mall. “Koiramäen kartano” had Alpaca products. Mittens, socks, beanies etc. I bought two pairs of socks. They had brought with them these two very cute Alpacas. Both were enjoying their “food” and didn’t seem to let anything bother them.

Sis, her horse and dog

Yesterday we visited my sister at the farm where her horse is staying. It was raining all day on Thursday. Luckily it didn’t rain yesterday until later in the evening. It’s so nice to see her riding and to see what new tricks she has taught her horse. I must say he wowed us, specially, with the trick with his head between his front legs. Last summer there was one foal. Now there is two. I took a couple of picture but they all were bad because they all loved to stay as far away from us as possible. The one in the picture (heavily cropped) is the younger one. So very cute. I certainly could stay there watching him all the time. We ended the visit by going to the same place for coffee as we have every time we are there. It was so nice, thank you sis 🙂 ❤

Donkeys and Cows

DonkeyDonkey and cowsDonkey

Saw these donkeys on the farmyard not far from our friends’ summer cottage. I have seen the horses, cows, reindeer and hens. As always, I was also now looking for the reindeer and said to my husband, no reindeer today but I think I saw two donkeys. Our friends confirmed there really also are donkeys.

On the way home we stopped just to take a couple of pictures. I found out from their site, Kissankulman Eläinpiha, the other donkey came to the farm three years ago and the other one two years ago. I think they are cute. There also are goats, pigs, geese, ducks and of course two dogs and cats. Maybe I should pay them a visit next time.