Wolf Pencil Drawing

The last time I drew a wolf, I said I would never draw one again. In fact, to never draw anything ever never again. Some time ago I saw a picture of a wolf. Probably, photographed by the the same photographer of the same wolf that I have already drawn twice before. Just slightly photographed from a different angle. Well, I could not resist making a third attempt. As always, I’m not happy with the result. But my husband says, as usual, it is good enough. Hmm, I better not say ever never again 😉

4 thoughts on “Wolf Pencil Drawing

  1. navasolanature

    Oh please keep drawing. The artist friend in my blog has been teaching or guiding us through this pandemic time. Be like. Child, play, practise, do not worry about the result. Everyone in our group has improved so much but it needs to be fun. I love your wolf. You have engaged with its spirit!

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      I like the teaching, guiding advice to be like a child. To play, practise and not worry about the result. I will think of it next time I get frustrated at not getting it the way I want it to be.


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