Monthly Archives: November 2020

Wolf Pencil Drawing

The last time I drew a wolf, I said I would never draw one again. In fact, to never draw anything ever never again. Some time ago I saw a picture of a wolf. Probably, photographed by the the same photographer of the same wolf that I have already drawn twice before. Just slightly photographed from a different angle. Well, I could not resist making a third attempt. As always, I’m not happy with the result. But my husband says, as usual, it is good enough. Hmm, I better not say ever never again 😉

Thick Fog

Here are some photos from about a week ago, on November 10th. The fog still was pretty thick about 11:30 am. It really is a strange feeling to not be able to see the other side of the lake.

Isn’t my cat Jacky a cutie patootie to keep me company when I’m at the computer ❤️