The Spear Thistle

From the first flower in bloom on June 28th to for the first seed capsule to be opened yesterday. I wish I had been there to see it happen.

I am going to remove the plant now because otherwise there soon will to many thistles in the garden and also nearby gardens. Sorry, beautiful thistle.

5 thoughts on “The Spear Thistle

    1. aheikkinen Post author

      Hej Tokens of Companionship. Yes, the goldfinches love spear thistle seeds or any thistle seed. I often see them in late summer/early fall on different kind of thistle. The goldfinch is a beautiful small bird. They are hard to photograph. When they see me and my camera they escape 😉 I have only once, three years ago, been able to take a couple of photos. One sitting on a melancholy thistle =
      Have a good week and I hope you will soon be able to enjoy the spear thistles too.

    2. Tokens of Companionship

      Our goldfinches also love sunflower seeds. We keep feeders out for them year-round. They’re such beautiful birds. Sometimes 40-50 of them come to the feeders at one time, especially in winter and early spring, when few natural foods are available.


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