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Catherine Woodbury & Strawberry Candy Daylilies

Catherine Woodury DaylilyStrawberry Candy Daylilies & Catherine Woodbury DaylilyThe Catherine Woodbury IS BACK. As my mother would have said: It’s a miracle. My mother loved flowers. I remember times when she was sad because a precious flower disappeared from the flower bed to then a year or two, or even after longer, be back. The Catherine Woodbury was away, according to my photo albums, since 2016. I say welcome back. The Strawberry Candy yesterday had the most number of flowers in bloom on one day. As many as six 🙂

Strawberry Candy daylilies

Yes, yes, yes . . . First two Strawberry Candy lilies are in bloom. There will be more. It was pretty dark and rainy practically all day. I went for a walk at about 6:30 pm. Half way I noticed the sun is shining. I walked as fast as I possible could to get home before all the dark clouds at the other side of the lake would be here. I made it and was able to shoot a couple of photos with a bit of sunshine through the branches of the oak tree in the neihgbor’s garden.


Of the daylilies the first to bloom is the one I call yellow/orange lily. Then, soon, very soon, maybe tomorrow, the Strawberry Candy lilies will bloom. This is the first time there are as many stems as nine. Then there is one with three stems which I am not sure of what it is. But, I really hope it is the pink one called Catherine Woodbury which disappeared some years ago. Or it may be an other one, an orange one which also disappeared a year or two ago. We’ll see.


Red/White Dahlia

The red/white dahlia has been in bloom already for some time now. The flowers are always in red and white. There may be more or less of the white color but, the red is practically always dominating. Last week I saw one almost only in white. The red/whites are about 8 cm in diameter. The white is much smaller. I think only half the size. But, sooo beautiful, at least in a close up photo.

Iittala Naïve art

It has been a strange and different spring this year because of the virus. Had it been a normal spring we would have visited both a couple of art exhibitions and museums already. We, as everyone who have had the possibility to do so, have stayed at home. Except for going to the grocery and twice visiting my childhood friend. Visiting her we had coffee outdoors and kept proper distance. The Museums and art exhibitions have been closed till recently. Now many are open. So on Tuesday we visited the Iittala naïve art. A yearly exhibition I just love to visit. There always are so many wonderful paintings.

Orange Lilies

Some years ago there was plenty of these orange lilies in the flower bed. I am so pleased to find there still are two stems of them. Both with several flowers. I think it was a mistake to a few  years ago plant the two small bushes of ‘Ölandstok’ / Dasiphora fruticosa in the same bed. They have grown and take a lot of the space. I am going to move them to an other place. My husband says it is a bad idea. That they probably will not survive the move. I hope they will. Because I have found, in my opinion, a much better place for them.