Daily Archives: June 24, 2020


My friend offered us her green house for free. Yesterday we were there to have a look at it. (By the way. The restrictions also for people over 70 are eased. Despite that, we are still going to be careful.) She said it is 2 m x 3 m. But, we felt we still wanted to see it our selves before we will be able to decide whether to take it or not. I would love to have it but we have not yet been able to find out where to put it in our yard. Both front and back yard are pretty small. I hope we will figure it out.

Her garden is huge. She has so many different flowers. There are flower in bloom from early spring to late fall. Here are just a couple randomly shot snap shots. I like the seed capsules of the poppies. I would love to have of the yellow lilies in my garden. She, couple of years ago gave me Tiger lilies. Hmm, I think I will ask if I could have one or two of the yellow ones.