Monthly Archives: June 2020

Strawberry Plant

I bought this strawberry plant some time ago. I know one plant does not give many berries but the plant looks nice. Now the berries begin to ripen. So, there is going to be a few ones for us each. Today when I surfed the internet I saw this cute strawberry shaped pot. It would be a cool, cute thing to have.

The plant and pot to the right are not mine. I shot the photo from my computer screen for you to see what I mean. If I sometime, somewhere happen to see one I will buy one.

The Thistle is back

My favorite thistle is back. In 2018 there was this tall thistle in the lily bed. But, last summer, to my disappointment, it was gone. So, in the spring, this year, I was pleased to find it back in the flower bed. It is a Spear Thistle (Cirsium vulgare). A tall plant, about 150 cm. It begins to flower now. So there will be more thistle photos 😉


My friend offered us her green house for free. Yesterday we were there to have a look at it. (By the way. The restrictions also for people over 70 are eased. Despite that, we are still going to be careful.) She said it is 2 m x 3 m. But, we felt we still wanted to see it our selves before we will be able to decide whether to take it or not. I would love to have it but we have not yet been able to find out where to put it in our yard. Both front and back yard are pretty small. I hope we will figure it out.

Her garden is huge. She has so many different flowers. There are flower in bloom from early spring to late fall. Here are just a couple randomly shot snap shots. I like the seed capsules of the poppies. I would love to have of the yellow lilies in my garden. She, couple of years ago gave me Tiger lilies. Hmm, I think I will ask if I could have one or two of the yellow ones.

Midsummer Eve

It was a fantastically beautiful warm Midsummer Eve. Sunshine all day long from practically clear blue skies. Day temperature about 27 degrees Celsius. In the evening and night it was still over 20. At about 10 pm we went down to the lake to enjoy the sunset. Usually there is the the midsummer bonfire and a lot of people. But, as I mentioned In my previous post, the bonfires were not allowed this time because it has been so dry. There was only a few others more than us.

Happy Midsummer 2020

Roses, midsummerThe midsummer is going to be very warm also this year. Last summer no midsummer bonfires were allowed because it was very dry. Also now it has been warm and dry. So, even if it was raining once earlier this week and again last night I think that, because of both the dry and the coronavirus the bonfires will not be allowed this time either.  Take care, be safe !

Two Hot Air Balloons

Tonight, at about 9:50 pm, my husband shouted from the bedroom. Hurry, camera, front yard. I quickly ran out the door to the front yard, camera in my hand. As I stepped out the door I saw a balloon heading away from here. I was a bit disappointed to have missed it by, so to say, seconds. So, I turned around to go back indoors. Oh wow ! There was one more. This one flew over the neighbors’ yard. I was able to shoot about 8 photos before it disappeared. There has been hot air balloons flying over here many times during the years. But, this time it was extra nice, because of the COVID 19 and staying at home, there has not been many possibilities to take photos of other than of the flowers in our garden.